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Alaska Airlines Flies Abused Dog To California For Life Saving Surgery

A German shepherd mix named Thor is smiling today—a big deal since it's the first time he's been able to open his mouth in at least 6 months. ( 更多...

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joel wiley 4
Dateline Sacramento Ca.
"With the help of Carol Falcetta, the director of the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue group, Downing searched for a surgeon who could help Thor and found Dr. Robert Runyan of the VCA Animal Hospital in Rancho Cordova. Runyan had been in the local news for saving the life of Bodie, a Sacramento K9 officer, who was shot in the jaw and leg while on duty earlier this year.

Bodie and his partner were pursuing a fleeing felon who turned and fired at the officers. Unarmed Bodie was targeted by the felon. Bodie's partner returned fire. Bodie survived thanks to Dr. Robert Runyan. Felon did not, thus reducing California's recidivism rate slightly.

Heartfelt good wishes Thor.


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