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TSA searching parked cars at airports?

Laurie Iacuzza walked to her waiting car at the Greater Rochester International Airport after returning from a trip and that's when she found it -- a notice saying her car was inspected after she left for her flight. She said, “I was furious. They never mentioned it to me when I booked the valet or when I picked up the car or when I dropped it off.” Iacuzza's car was inspected by valet attendants on orders from the TSA. But why only valet parked cars? That's what News10NBC wanted… ( More...

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John Hopkins 4
Monitor your emails, vet your phone calls, search your cars. They don't do it because they have a reason, they do it because they can. They will find a reason afterwards.
JJ Johnson 4
ACHTUNG! Your papers please! More NAZI Police State Bullshit from Thousands Standing Around
Rob Harrison 2
The most disturbing thing about this story is not that TSA is forcing private citizens (maybe citizens) to do their snooping, but that the car owner "doesn't mind" having her rights shredded, as long as she knows it is happening. Too many of us "don't mind" that the government is usurping all of our constitutional rights.
PhotoFinish 2
This is not the first time that valet parked cars get thoroughly searched by the attendants. It's merely the first time that car owners are being formally notified that the car attendants are searching their cars. Now, the TSA is giving the attendants cover by authorizing the searches.

But valet parked cars have been searched by attendants since the time that cars have been valet parked. It would be unwise to leave anything in the car, you don't want stolen or seen, when you hand your car and the keys to a perfect stranger, even if that person is wearing a parking attendant uniform.
suz 2
They will soon observe the packing of your bags - in your home, offering folding tips and such ...
Tyler Tashji 1
This is my home airport, and let me tell you all, people here are livid.
qmm10 1
That's ridiculous! Hey Gov't find better ways to spend our money, spend it on useful things like education.
Why a Valet attendant and not the local Police or TSA ? Lame stories continue from the TSA or Tired Sorry Attempters .. Attempt or claim to do their job .. but don't ..
PhotoFinish 1
"Why a Valet attendant?"

Ease, convenience, cost.

The attendant is because of job responsibilities, already standing next to the vehicle with the keys in hand.

I would imagine they wouldn't mind taking 10 seconds to check the car for a device that might fry their butt. It would take logistical maneuvering to bring a poise officer or TSA agent over to check it vehicle. It would be even more costly to have an officer there full time to perform the occasional vehicle check.
bbabis 1
The tentacles are continuing to creep.

I used to sarcastically say that the TSA and HS operate on the guilty until proven innocent theory. Now, without any sarcasm, I say they operate on the definitely guilty, we just haven't found it yet theory.
JetChaser 1
Do Valet Parking Attendants even have a clue what they are looking for?
PhotoFinish 1
One would think they are looking for explosive devices that could be detonated remotely when the car is moved and left in front of terminal for easy customer pickup.

They could give customers the choice to walk or take a shuttle to a distant lot (or the parking deck). Then the inspection wouldn't be necessary.

Allowing customers to choose in advance between these options would create less controversy than getting a search tag after the fact.

In many other airports, they won't even consider the possibility that customer cars would be delivered to the terminal (for security reasons).
JetChaser 1
I wonder when they filled out the job application if there was an area where they needed experience in handling explosives
PhotoFinish 1
Handling wouldn't be part of the job. They'd have to call in police and bomb squad if they saw anything potentially suspicious.

I suspect the idea is to identify the explosive device before the car is delivered to the terminal, not after it is detonated.

If they just stopped delivering the cars to the terminal, then they'd stop all this snooping in people's cars, which is bending people out of shape.
Never will they find my car at any airport ... but they got my checked bag, on my last trip to LAS .. twice ! ... Now, I really wonder what reason they claim they "had to open and check it" ?? .. Of course, I won't hear the "excuse", but there were cards inside the bag, attesting to the fact it was opened ..

[This poster has been suspended.]

ToddBaldwin3 1
Why stop there? How about members of Westboro Baptist Church, or contributors to National Public Radio, or card carrying members of the Democratic National Committee. Might as well add Girl Scouts of America, or Boy Scout Troops that decide to admit gay members. Watch out for those radical Mormons and crazy Methodists too. Mr. Rudd, that kind of an opinion is rather one sided, however, you are entitled to it.
Harold Foster 0
Pay no attention to phil, folks. His mom musta turned the power in the basement back on.


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