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Authorities search for small plane overdue in Washington

This just seems to be happening in GA all too often. At least the jump plane that landed on a NJ highway landed safely. Not sure this one will have same outcome. ( More...

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linbb 3
As far as the comment about happening too often, things happen what and why is the question only here not some comments like yours.
Nothing wrong with VFR or GPS but at night over the northern Cascades might be a problem. Some of the peaks exceed 12K feet (Mt. Baker)and others that are over 10K feet.

linbb 1
Seven PM may be night where you live but not here in the northwest. Weather has not been the greatest some times tho.
The last cell phone contact was at 11 PM near Omak. That's night!
I was wrong, last cell contact about 4 PM near Omak on Saturday. King5 TV is now reporting that a 16 year old girl walked out of the woods near Mazama, Washington which could be on the flight path of the plane. See
Loral Thomas 1
As of this morning, searchers still have not located the Bonanza with three people on board. Here is an undated link with picture and names of those on board.

Another article I found on this stated the plane was flying VFR and that the pilot was trying out a new GPS system.
John Cramer 1
c13mt 1
Teen in Washington-bound flight from Montana located
alvingone 1
This is a local new. Get over it.


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