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American Airlines' Tiny New Bathrooms Test Limits Of What U.S. Passengers Will Put Up With

25 seconds. 24 inches. Neither is very large in terms of time or space. But both are huge indicators of just what travelers from different cultures are and are not willing to endure. ( More...

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Lee Smith 16
Yet here's another FOWL ODOR out of American Airlines drive to make more profits. Pure Greed on their parts to treat people like this. Folks remember VOTE with your Wallet and fly any airline that you can, and tell American airlines to shove this toilet up their BUTTS.
Tomer Ariav 1
Delta is no better. I flew HNL-LAX and believe me that if I had eaten their first class meal, I would not be capable of entering their lavatory.
Matt Reardon -2
Oh, please, don't be so impersonal - its not a generic all inculsive THEIR. Lets be much more specific and truthful - its the CEO and senior operational officers who contrived this exploitation (rape) of their customers. This kind of corruption always emanates from the overpaid, under qualified crap at the top. They have no clue and certainly plenty of disrequard for the fundamental fact that many of their customers are far better educated and experienced than they and certainly in the aggregate it is absolutely no contest. I suppose the morons were assuming we individually and as an enormously observant and analytic aggragate would not notice. But then again thats what vastly overpaid exectutive staff do - make stupid half-witted decisions but certainly reflecting contempt and disrequard. On the other hand they are beholden to that other massively corrupt industry that diverts most of our hard earned retirement contributions to their own end with plenty of reserves to ensure kickbacks and payoffs- Wall Street.
Now that waterboarding is off limits the CIA should force people to talk by threatening to fly them on AA from NYC to LA.
Now you've done it!

This WAS a top secret program carefully crafted by the 'agency' to once and for all significantly reduce the threat of terror (terrorize the terrorists). Now that it's out, well, we'll see.
This makes me wonder if they may run into ADA issues here. They definitely will run into ACAA issues, and even with that, they are going to end up with lawsuits slapped against them so fast that "turnaround" to them is going to mean how fast can they turn around to get slapped upside the head with the next lawsuit.

They'll definitely get a drubbing from anyone suing under the ACAA, as it requires the airlines to have accessible restrooms, and this is inaccessible.
ADXbear 6
I'm prepared to join a suit.. I had a personal experience a few year back dealing with my disability and a small lavatory.. I got lightheaded had to take nitro and get sup O2.. created quite a stir going into LAS.. EMS at the gate. All due to confined work space in Lav.. I should have made a deal about it..
Rod Ghearing 0
Get ready to mooooooove over!
rogera1b 9
I had the misfortune to fly a 737-900 on United with the same lav setup. The guy who invented this should be arrested and the people who approved it fired. It is not just that the lav is stupid-small, it is the the airlines demonstrate either an incredible lack or respect for their customers or outright hatred. I have to make another flight cross country soon. So, which will it be? 5 days in a Subaru or 5 hours on an airline. Subaru all the way!
joel wiley 4
And you can pick your own tunes and fellow travelers.
rogera1b 3
Right you are! Good point.
B. J. 6
Maybe the next step will be a curtain and a glory hole in the side of the airplane.
AWAAlum 1
But no lav, large or small.
joel wiley 4
That's why I take the RV, towing the Subaru (CRV actually).
nicmene2 1
But! Nature is all around so do it naturally.
This is why I drove 32,000+ miles last year in 43 states and 7 Canadian provinces OR I fly my beloved little Cherokee. The only time I fly airlines is if I don't need to get there anytime soon ("Time to spare? Go by air!") .... 11 of my last 13 airline trips they didn't get me to my destination the same day (all North American trips). Oh, there's always a good reason .... the airplane's broken, the weather isn't nice, the pilots are too drunk to fly .... always good sounding excuses, but ..... And my luggage arrival rate stands at 45%. You don't need a lavatory ... the next service station or rest area is never very far AND I never leave home without my trusty pee bottle!
Joe Boll 1
When you have your Pee bottle with you, when its empty, fill it first with paper hand towels, to avoid sloshing. Have a good trip.
...what door? If I can't get the door closed, I'll do my business with it open...
El Kabong 13
I thought the feds were doing something about the ridiculous sizes of seats and leg room to put a stop to this sort of nonsense? I'm guessing that didn't go anywhere and neither will complaining about this sort of stuff. Honestly, though, you can blame deregulation of the air industry for alot of our woes. Once airlines had to stand on their own when it came to making profits, that opened the door for all sorts of shortcuts in order to survive.
SoNic67 6
I will AVOID flying a 737 from now on on my business travels. I am forced to fly AA on some routes though...
a1brainiac 6
Soon they will give everyone an empty bottle to pee in and diapers before boarding....
joel wiley 23
Not give, sell.
Bernie20910 7
Not sell, rent.
744pnf 10
I'll say it again...'All airline Vp's and above WILL book company travel in the last 10 rows of Standard Coach'...boarding last.
More and more I'm glad I'm retired and can take my time to drive the 500 miles.
ADXbear 8
Are you kidding me.. what about people of size or disabled people.. how the heck do you get away with this? Or get around the ADA act?..

I just refuse to fly anymore.. I'll drive.. this is nuts..
What about parents who are traveling with small children? Changing a diaper, or assisting a newly potty trained youngster?
B. J. 1
Just lay them down in the isle in front of the phantom hospitality cart and throw the nappy in the parking lot or under a seat.
JayDee4711 3
What do you mean, people of size? It must have been well over 20 years ago that airlines stopped worrying whether or not I can stow my 6'5" frame in an economy seat. And why would they care any more about whether I fit in the toilet?
sstuff 2
"People of size?" Do you mean fat?
Difficult to drive to some destinations, e.g. Hawaii.One of my favorite destinations.
Bernie20910 3
They have these things called "cruise ships". and these other things called "car rentals"...
Shenghao Han -4
Consider trains, since the gas is so expensive recently.
Bernie20910 9
Richmond, VA to Spokane, WA via Amtrak is "cheap" at $500+ if you don't mind spending three days without bathing, and sleeping in a coach seat. If you want a berth though, figure between $2,300 and $2,800, depending on if you want to shower or not. The trip takes 3 days, requires you to change trains twice and you get to Spokane at 0140. Yeah, not really a great alternative, which is why my wife is driving it two weeks from now. She gets to stay in a hotel with a good bed and full sized shower each night and the cost is about what we'd have spent for first-class business class if there even was a business class offered.
Wayne Fox 1
Wife and I took Amtrak from Maricopa (Phoenix) AZ. to Portland. Handicapped Room 2 nights, Shower facilities and included meals for about $400 per. Nice comfortable ride and gorgeous scenery. Depends upon how much time you have and what you will put up with.
Bernie20910 1
"...have spent for first-class OR business class..."
How can they make the toilets any smaller??? I guess they expect the passengers to be half-a$$ed!!!
Hugh Somsen 3
And here i thought flying on USAF AC was primitive.!
Thomas Mchugh 1
Flew on a C17 and Globemaster III from Dix/McGuire to Kuwait City, 3rd seat from the door with the "comfort pallet in front of me. Nice comfortable nylon web seating plenty of leg room and wearing my LBE and 9mm
Just flew Delta on a brandnew A320. Same setup. They are all the same. Flight attendant told me she won't use the lav, just holds it until destination. Sad, and unhealthy. Time for some new competition.
iflyfsx 3
If they put up with the tsa, they will put up with ANYTHING.
And here I thought the purpose of the tsa was for SAFETY. Foolish me.
What an ingenious plan for conditioning the public for preposterous profits!

I'm buying an RV.
iflyfsx 1
It would take a special kind of stupid to think they enhance "safety" in any way. If anything, they make us less safe. And that's without even getting into how many criminals were caught *inside* the tsa. But "safety" isn't even the point, anyway. It was about making the public FEEL "safe."
Wayne Fox 3
When my son and I flew SWA from Indianapolis after the 500 last week, severe storms on the Eastern seaboard caused gate changes for the flight. I am disabled and was seated in the bulkhead isle seat and my son in the window seat. A disgruntled gentleman sat between us and because of the gate change, he was unable to make a potty stop before boarding. He complained to the flight attendant that he must use the forward toilet. She explained that according to the FAA rules he had to wait until we were at altitude before she would allow him to go. After talking to this guy, I knew he really had to go and encouraged the the FA to let him. She communicated with the Captain and they held the plane at the entrance to the the runway while the man got up and quickly urinated in the head. As soon as he was re-seated, she again called the Captain and he immediately turned onto the runway and took off. I was happy for him as I am sure we all can imagine the problems one can have when trying to contain ones bladder.
Ken Jackson 2
Americans race to the bottom.
Rod Ghearing 2
Flying coach get closer and closer every day to being like traveling steerage on the old ocean liners coming from Europe to the US.What's next? The cattle?
James Wall 6
Yes, if it is a certified companion cow. For a few bucks, your doc will write you a letter of need.
I gave up on flying AA after a cross-country flight a few years ago. The crew were crowing about their new Seatback Entertainment System, the CPU of which took up more than a third of the foot well, preventing me from fitting both of my feet, let alone my carry-on, fully under the seat in front of me. I flew cross-country again earlier this year on United. Guess what they had crammed in the foot-well?! Airline logic...
Jerry Waltz 2
Bob Monte: Please check your math. Raising the ticket price $1.00 would compute to an extra $182.5 million per year (not $365 million) based on 500,000 passengers per day.
gellenb 2
I stopped flying American many years ago, probably close to 20 years ago when they started squeezing the seats. Still can get to where I want to go with out them. This is just another reason not to go back. But soon I'm sure they will charge for the restroom use. There will be a coin box there to put your quarters in...or a chip reader for your credit card.
paul gilpin 1
a coin box or a chip reader?

there's a joke about #1 or #2 in there, isn't there?
Lucky you. I’d like to redeem (good luck) some of those miles/points I’ve accumulated
Bernie20910 1
And another one on the TP dispenser, one on the sanitizer, and one on the paper towels.
American Airlines is out to make the money from 12 more seats, but heaven forbid you need to pee or poop! I think they've misjudged the public. I predict they'll start losing business.
Agree completely. And I’m a lifetime gold AA member. With, unfortunately, a lot of miles/points...
Can you use those points for car rentals?
Robert Martin 2
Isn't there some sort of criteria about how quickly the plane can be evacuated in an emergency? As the seats become more cramped, I wonder if anyone is concerned with basic safety?
Justthefacs 4
It is about $$$. If you don't like it, fly someone else. Oh I forgot. American has a monopoly out of DFW.
Bob Monte 2
Last Sept AA reported 500,000 travelers per day fly their airline. If they raise ticket cosy by just one dollar on all flights that's an instant 365 million in their pockets annually witjout doing one thing different. No retrofit cost, no tiny bathrooms. Pure greed is all rhis amounts to.
Bernie20910 1
You might want to break out the calculator when making these kinds of comments. One dollar times 500,000 is $500,000. Times that by 365 and you get $182,500. Of which the various regulatory agencies and taxation agencies will probably get a third.
LarryQB 1
Apparently the decision making brass didn’t do a personal Beta check ... or maybe they did but since they would travel positive space First Class it wouldn’t be s problem for them.
rdzr1 1
Passengers more than ever before are just the beef in the back of a cattle car. U.S. airlines have finally lost all sense of what customer service means. Maybe the pilot unions can go on strike or lobby Congress on behalf of the passengers instead for their own needs because soon this whole deal is going to implode. I know I don't fly the airlines unless I have absolutely no other option anymore.
B. J. 1
I wonder how the AA execs get around.....roller skates, hitchhiking, a greyhound bus, a competitors airline? Ahhhhh, how about personal jet(s) with nice restrooms? As for 25 seconds and 24 inches, I am still pondering that one. Are you ejected after 25 seconds? Can you only hit or only miss the toilet?
Ken Gordon 1
Self driving cars are right around the corner...sailing along 24 inches apart, all going 140MPH to your programed destination, lay back and read a book, or watch a movie, take a nap, stop whenever and wherever you want to, take the dog, on and on. The airlines will still be king at anything over 2,000 miles, but the bread and butter under 1,000 miles will dissapear for them. their days are limited.....
joel wiley 1
140 on Calif roads? Be prepared to lose your fillings.
Bernie20910 1
Good luck doing anything over 75 on our highways, if you can even find a decent stretch that's not permanently under construction.
I just took a tape measure and measured the chair in which I sit writing this. The width of the chair is 24 inches exactly. Ok, I can sit on it comfortably, though I am mildly fat at close to 200lbs. But I can't imagine turning around. I also can't imagine people fatter than myself even getting inside a space that width.
deafsea 1
Wonder, WHO design the crappyroom? AA or United or Delta or Boeing? All of them?!? I BELIEVE that ALL OF THEM together agree over something?

FAA SHOULD know better for our safety as their TOP Priority, right? Why does FAA allow the airlines to smaller sizes, less legroom? Do they aware of evacuate for our safety?

I BELIEVE that many airlines BRIBE to FAA and/or NTBS, to allow accept their offers/ideas.

We need to watch all the US FLAG airlines' CEO and their GREEDY managements who work with FAA folks.
Leon Artac 1
Just don't fly AA. I stopped flying them over 30 years ago when every time I flew AA there was a problem with the plane. Spend your $$ elsewhere.
Jack White 1
That's one of the many, many reasons that everyone in our company, in our family and in our circle of friends stopped honoring American Airlines with our business. But if you think this is bad, just wait until Allegiant installs their new credit card readers on their lavatory doors. Nice, kind, caring folks!
joel wiley 1
. . . or what they fit into.
Larry Easton 0
Only in America!!! Where everything including, democracy, bows to the ulmighty dollar. All through history, where everything at the top of the pedestal eventually falls off, and hopefuly including presidents.
jim garrity 0
What happened to AA? Now their starting to act like the "low cost" airlines! Say goodbye to first/business class service! And, they say they want to be like Delta?
joel wiley 3
AA is responding to the mandate of increasing shareholder equity by enhancing top management compensation for decisions that maximize short term profits. Nowhere in that mix is anything benefiting the walk-on cargo source of those profits.

That's what.
Don Platt -1
it's all about the $ dollar. And our current administration applauds this type of action
n9341c 3
Ofercrissakes this has NOTHING to do with Trump you dumb $hit.
I recently flew AA first class lax to lih and I can assure you they are aready acting like the low cost airline. The food was horrible. I don’t drink much so that’s not an incentive . The service was so-so. But I’m not sure any other major airline is better What to do?
B. J. 1
I thought Delta shriveled up and flew....blew away.
B. J. 1
Sorry, I must have been thinking of Teeny Weeny Airlines (TWA).
A great incentive to lose weight.
Gary Hjelm 3
A great incentive to fly on another carrier.
Bernie20910 1
And what do you suggest for those of us who are handicapped?

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Gary Plewa 11
How does the president raise oil prices on the world market? Is there a knob or lever in the oval office which controls the world economy? Inquiring minds want to know.
rdlink 2
There's a knob in the Oval Office, alright...
Don Platt -1
I call it 'snob'
n9341c 2
Hey dumba$$, I know you are sad about Hillary losing ad will take any opportunity to bring it up NO MATTER WHERE but this has NOTHING to do with Trump, oil prices, or the oval office. OK?
Rising oil prices had nothing to do with AA having smaller toilets. These were ordered before gas price rise. AA just wanting to make more money!
Bernie20910 1
How does one vote with their wallet when there's no other choices? On some routes there are no other carriers serving your destination, or the others have the same setup, and if you're a business traveler your company dictates your travel, leaving you zero other option.

I count myself lucky that I'm retired and I don't have to deal with that and I can drive where I need to go.
sstuff 0
Airlines make lavatories smaller and that is a fact. Also a fact is that some cling to their small minds and have no comprehension beyond their 2016 hurt butts.


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