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NASA Flies A Large Drone Solo In Public Airspace

NASA has flown a large, remotely piloted aircraft equipped with detect-and-avoid technologies through the national airspace system for the first time without a safety chase plane following it. ( More...

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paul trubits 8
SFOBro 3
The answer is exactly what you're thinking. : (
Bob Lamond 2
It would be nice if aviation writers would understand that public airspace is public airspace. Class E airspace is not reserved for general aviation airspace and general aviation aircraft routinely fly in Class A airspace.

“Controlled from Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert, Ikhana flew west into Class A airspace where airliners fly, north to Fresno and south through Class E general aviation airspace, including an approach to Victorville airport.”
Colin Seftel 1
The article was actually copied from the original NASA media release,
Bob Lamond 1
Which makes it even worse in my mind!
Bob Lamond 1
First sentence should read “...not reserved for general aviation and general aviation....”
Bob Lamond 3
Second sentence! Sheesh, I need more coffee!
SFOBro 2
Bob Lamond - LOL, don't worry; we got it, we got it, but funny still..............and I now need MY second CUP!!
First domestic spies in the skies, hauling cargo and then replacing pilots transporting people. Not today and not tomorrow but in our lifetime. As soon as they can prove it’s safety.
Luke Runciman 4
How about system failure? Technology like this will only be proved safe when it can: A. handle the amount of system failures experienced on QF32 (5 experienced pilots working at their limits to bring a stricken Airbus A380 back to Singapore's Changi airport following an uncontained engine failure in the No.2 engine. Over 5 pages of ECAM errors needed to be worked through in order for the Pilot in Command to execute a safe landing). B. When a computer can safely execute an emergency landing on the Hudson river (US Airways 1549 - both engines lost on an Airbus A320 shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport, New York City). The media will often report the instances where crashes have occurred due to pilot error, but what they never seem to report is the amount of times commercial flights have been saved due to the knowledge and experience of a professional crew.
jcw1953 1
We’re there any flight attendants on-board?
sparkie624 -2
I think so.... It was MICRO-FARAD AND MILLI-AMP - They meet years ago and have been traveling together for years.... Don't believe me.. Check it out:
Craig Scott 1
NYS just opened a 50 mile long corridor between Griffiss (Rome) and Syracuse for drone testing. First in the country.
Craig Scott 1
And MQ-9's have been flying out of KSYR for a while now. Mostly over controlled airspace near Ft. Drum.
The MQ-9s were escorted by aircraft from the Civil Air Patrol.
Craig Scott 1
Maybe at one time. Saw and heard one on the scanner take off from KSYR and head to the north. Did NOT hear any CAP callsign for the next half hour. Heard the Reaper all the way up to restricted airspace where he called out TOI's on the ground.
Jesse Carroll 1
sparkie624 1
I do not and have never liked this idea... Electronics fail... I know they have redundancies, but really...
John Barton 1
Go look at some NTSB crash reports - Pilot Error is far and away the leading cause of accidents. In one study I found looking at a total of 40 major aviation incidents between 1996 and 2003. 61% were attributable to Pilot Error or Company Management, while only 16% were attributable to Maintenance Issues or Equipment Failure...

**Pilots** have redundancies, too - yet, they still crash at an alarming rate.


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