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SIA B777 excursion at Munich sparked by ILS interference

Interference from a departing aircraft disrupted the ILS signal moments before a landing Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER veered off the runway at Munich. ( More...

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eccsandiego 5
This “occurred on 1 November 2011”?
Tom Winsemius 1
Yes it did.
Incident: Singapore B773 at Munich on Nov 3rd 2011, runway excursion

By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Nov 3rd 2011 13:53Z, last updated Thursday, Nov 3rd 2011 13:53Z

Late reporting may be a result of new conclusions that have been drawn from an ongoing investigation.
jet4ang 0
Dec 18, 2018
Dubslow 1
This shit is why I'll always be sweating through my clothes for CAT III no minimums landings
rebomar 5
When the weather requires a CAT II or CAT II landing the problem listed here is not a problem because the ILS Critical Areas are protected from aircraft and vehicular traffic. This prevents interference of the Localizer and Glideslope signals when performing an Autoland. In CAT I weather, as they had in Munich, the Critical Areas are not protected. The crew has to tell the tower/approach control that they are conducting an auto land. The tower may not protect the critical area but they will tell you if an airplane or vehicle is in that area.
The second problem here is the dependance on automation. Just push the GA button and let the computer do it. In every GA that I did I pushed the button while I pushed the throttles forward. You can't wait.
The third problem was the failure to disconnect the AP when trying to manually steer the airplane.
bentwing60 1
You won't know it unless you are sittin in a jump seat, cause they won't announce it!
btweston 2
What is “it,” and why are you so excited?
bentwing60 1
Connect the dots moron, they will never announce that they are doing a cat 111c approach cause people like you would wet their pants.
This is what a check pilot (after I had trashed a simulator emergency) described as "a concatenated F/U."
Billy Koskie 1
I've been getting concerned that there is no differentiation between flight hours and 'hand on the stick, feet on the rudder' time.
bentwing60 1
"BFU says the captain applied right rudder to try to keep the aircraft on the runway but, owing to the autopilot’s remaining engaged, the control input remained “ineffective”.
That's what the RED button is for, And the Captain! And above cat 1 min's. no less. Duhhh, crew see chief pilot and Merkel's FAA.
Highflyer1950 1
Yep. Funny how this stuff keeps coming back around to bite their asses! I do recall however, the day one of our guys did an autoland and right after touchdown disconnected the A/P a little early and the nose flared up around 6-8 feet on him.....surprise! The A/P rolls in trim anticipating a G/A but after touchdown starts unloading the trim by 80kts.


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