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Flight makes emergency landing in Oakland, Calif.

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Maintenance crews will inspect a Southwest Airlines jet that made an emergency landing at Oakland International Airport when the pilot received warning of an engine fire. Southw . . . ( 更多...

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We are lucky to have pilots that make this stuff look routine.
boeing234 0
yes we do it seems though we are having more accidents lately
sparkie624 0
WOW Where is the news here... Like it is unexpected that Maintenance will inspect an airplane after an inflight maintenance problem. The article makes it sound like we don't work on a/c. There are diversions every day because of maintenance, with no one being hurt or what every. It happens all the time across the world. Nothing here really dramatic happened. 1.) Fire alarm went off, 2.) Flight Crew followed emergency procedures per there check list and shut down the engine in question. They may or may not have activated the fire bottle(s). 3.) They diverted for a safe landing. That simple, and nothing else. The only problem is that the plane will be delayed there, and if possible may be ferried to a maintenance base. The fire alarm went off. Was it real? we do not yet know as per the article. They do not say. The biggest problem here that I see is that people are either stranded and or in convienced while SWA gets them a another plane to get to there destination. All an article like this does is to scare the general public who does not know better. The Flight Crew did everything correclty. The news crew did everything wrong. They were short of information, saw some bad news, blew it out of proportion and makes flying passengers more scared of flying.


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