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Boeing 737 MAX Orders Fall as Air Lease Swaps for 787 Dreamliner

Sales for Boeing Co.’s grounded 737 Max slipped in October after a prominent customer converted some of its orders for the narrow-body jet to twin-aisle 787 Dreamliners. Boeing’s unfilled 737 order backlog, adjusted for accounting considerations, shrank by 19 aircraft during the month to 4,387 jets, the Chicago-based planemaker revealed on its website Tuesday. The planemaker garnered negative 93 orders for the Max, net of cancellations and conversions, through the first 10 months of the year. ( 更多...

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jbqwik 7
No doubt the MAX will be returned to service and be a worthy iteration of an already great plane. But it will always carry the stigma of the MCAS debacle.
I wonder if it's time to put the 737 to bed? There's certainly no shame for greatest selling plane of all time, and, after over two decades of 'best seller' it's overdue for retirement.
If I was Boeing I would continue to produce and deliver the MAX to customers willing to take it but I also start a retirement program, which could free-up resources to either continue with the NMA (bad choice IMO) or a new single aisle design (smarter choice, in my unenlightened opinion).
Richard Orgill 2
Well put
ian mcdonell 1
How do you adjust an order book for "accounting considerations" ?
ADXbear 1
Bring back the 757 in a NEO version..


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