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Proposed US fix for Boeing 737 Max software does not address Ethiopian crash scenario

The British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA) has told American aviation regulators that the Boeing 737 Max needs better fixes for its infamous MCAS software, warning that a plane crash which killed 149 people could happen again. ( 更多...

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Highflyer1950 4
Maybe Boeing should follow Bill Lear’s solution to a runaway trim.........a little red button that stops everything immediately.
F A 1
Red buttons are too tempting to pilots. It’s documented fact.

Boeing instead has two switches right next to the trim wheel.
Highflyer1950 5
LOl, better to hit the red button than not flick the two little switches?

30west 1
FA, where might that fact be documented?
F A 1
30west - I think you will find it documented in the works of cartoonist Gary Larson. I remember a particular illustration from “The Far Side.”
F A 4
BALPA says “Requiring both crew members to turn the trim wheel simultaneously in a non-normal scenario is extremely undesirable and goes against all philosophies of having one pilot fly and one run the QRH [quick reference handbook: reading out the emergency checklist]. No flight control system should require both pilots to operate it at any stage, let alone in an emergency."

The proposed AD says, “A two-pilot effort may be used to correct an out of trim condition.”

I respect BALPA, but I can’t see how they arrived at the word “requiring” in their statement regarding the proposed AD.
ffrcobra1 2
Perhaps what they are concerned with is that it should not need the effort of both pilots to fix an out of trim condition, period. That, IMO, is a bad design that is just asking for trouble. What happens if one pilot is in the can and a flight attendant is holding down the seat when the $jit hit the fan? I guess you’re just SOL until the other pilot can pull his/her pants back up.
F A 4
I grant you, if during the takeoff profile while retracting the flaps, one pilot is in the can and a flight attendant is holding down the seat, that flight crew is asking for trouble!
Silent Bob 0
They're playing up the worst-case scenario for some reason. The MCAS upgrades, plus the upcoming procedure change to make runaway trim a memory item, will make this condition virtually impossible. Virtually. And if it somehow does come down to needing both pilots on the controls the last thing you worry about is the damn QRH. Aviate Navigate Communicate. You can't design every possible failure scenario out of an airplane, at least not one that has any chance of getting off the ground.

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Captain had 8,122 hours. Carry on like a damn lunatic if you must, but get it right.
ffrcobra1 4
Ignoring facts that are inconvenient to what you what the facts to be is very much in vogue. Give him a break. He’s just trying to fit in.


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