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What Was The Boeing 747 ASB?

The Boeing 747 family has proven to be a very diverse line of aircraft. In terms of passenger variants alone, the US manufacturer has produced six variants. These have ranged from the original 747-100 to the next-generation 747-8. The only short-fuselage version has been the 747SP, whose suffix stands for Special Performance. However, did you know that Boeing also proposed another shortened version? This is the story of the 747 ASB. ( 更多...

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Robert Cowling 1
Dropping the ASB makes sense. How many carriers would want to feed 4 engines to haul passengers when they could feed 2. Not many. Carriers have dropped three engine planes too for the same reason.

Still, it is rather shocking to see the 'shortie' 747. Expecting the 'large', and seeing the clipped 'petite' 47 is kinda of shocking. It looks like a toy...

And there are a few that are stored, and NASA has one that is still marked as being active.
Peter Fuller 1
NASA has the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy for Infrared Astronomy - SOFIA - a 747SP. It is modified with a big door on the aft fuselage, which can be opened in flight for telescope observations.


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