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Costly Airbus A350 paint flaw goes wider than the Gulf

DUBAI (Reuters) - A dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways over paint and surface flaws on A350 jets stretches beyond the Gulf, with at least five other airlines raising concerns since the high-tech model entered service. The planemaker said in response to queries from Reuters there had been some problems with "early surface wear" that in some cases had made visible a sub-layer of mesh designed to absorb lightning, which it is working to fix. ( More...

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sharon bias 7
Same principle as painting your house. If the paint wears away, and the wood is exposed, it increases the chance of rot and damage. The question is, why the A350? Is it occurring on other Airbus planes? Do the paint jobs for the other airlines use the same colors or overlays? Is it just on certain locations on the aircraft that the paint is failing? Before fingers get pointed there needs to be more research on the problem.
Colin Seftel 6
My guess is that this problem is related to the material used for the fuselage (carbon-composite), which is different to most other Airbus aircraft. Only the A220 also has a composite fuselage, but it hasn't been in service as long.
sharon bias 5
Try to stay with the facts. Sometimes raise possibilities. Try very hard to keep the politics out of all postings.

darjr26 3
Back when American’s paint scheme was primarily polished metal the A300’s they had were actually painted gray because the metal that was used didn’t match very well and I think it also had some areas that were a composite material. The A300 also developed a reputation for having its fair share of maintenance issues. We used to joke that the paint was the only thing that held the plane together.
John Ku 3
There are frequent sand storms in that part of the world. The might be the reason.
OMG the spoiled brats are at it again. For God's sake (and everyone else"s), if you can't post anything sensible and pertinent to the subject please stay in your shells.
Alan Macdonald -3
Sorry Sharon, obviously you're not included as a brat.
sharon bias 3
I try to stay with the facts. Sometimes I raise possibilities. Try very hard to keep the politics out of all postings.
Me too campaign?
Mark Kortum -1
Nice to see a sense of humor on here.
Steve Ortiz 1
I also wonder WHY OnlyTHIS MODEL and not any other model of Airbus is affected. What are they doing differently to the paint used on this model that is NOT being done to the paint of other models? Could this be a sign of cost cutting gone too far? Only time will tell.
patrick baker 1
now we can state with confidence that Qatar airline has a point - as evidenced by over 20 A350's showing these abnormal wear marks- aircraft acne so to speak.
peter bhere 0
One comment in the article says: "The new jets also need a layer of metallic mesh to dissipate lightning strikes because carbon-fibre is not conductive". Not true. Carbon fiber does conduct electricity, just not as efficiently as metal.
SkyAware123 1
Doesn't that come down to the same thing: the need for a metallic mesh ? Or do you just like to hear yourself talk/see yourself write on here?

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Torsten Hoff -3
He must have seen it because you had a downvote. :)
william baker -9
Probably. I mean he is so anti Boeing its not even funny anymore.
Torsten Hoff 1
Ha ha. That got a downvote, too. What a pathetic loser.
Greg S 0
You misunderstand MH370. He's anti-American, being anti-Boeing is just a part of that.
srobak 0
All I can say is that the Philippine Airline's C3501 "Love Bus" is perfectly fine. :)


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