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B-21 Raider Has Flown For The First Time

On Friday, November 10, the US Air Force B-21 Raider took off from Palmdale Plant 42, taking its first flight. A video showed the B-21, with its landing gear down, along with a F-16 chase plane. ( More...

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bbabis 13
If this is what we show, it makes me wonder what we're really testing.
bentwing60 6
IMHO what they are showing is the ability of the MIC to consume every other fiat or taxpayer US $.

IKE was 'right', in more ways than one!
Erik Bruner 2
Yes, Yes he was.... And now we are all quite literally paying the price for it.
Nooge -2
Ike is my favorite POSTUS yes he was right

Now we are all quite literally paying the price for blunders

We spend more that the rest of the world combined on military

And when we were cutting taxes and adding debt rates were .25 now they are 5 %

This is what happens when you cut tax and spend

Bush Tax Cuts $1.5 T
Bush War in Iraq and Afghanistan $8T
Bush 2008 Financial Crisis $2T
Trump Tax Cuts $1.5T
Trump Pandemic Spending $5.4 T

Dont blame me I did not vote for these dunces

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Nooge 2
Our nation is FAR less safe today than in an age where we had 'secrets'.

Loose lips sink submarines
Chris Phillips 3
I doubt the B2 was flying combat missions to Iraq from Florida.
Eglin AFB is where the USAF does weapons integration testing. That’s more likely.
What I -heard- was they were getting munitions at Eglin, this is of course a very old rumor. I was 17 at the time and busy with other things. At any case, we did see things all the time. If you Google "Gulf Breeze UFO" there are tons of things. At that time, I lived on the water on Pensacola Beach.

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Traitor? Heck. I was too young to join the, my brother (who is a Marine) Pilot had PLENTY of kills on his list of accomplishments. One of his favorite stories is talking about the CH47 full if Iraqi POW's who were told they were being brought to Isreal. To save the US Tax payors some money most of the Iraqi's opted to "Free dive" at about 4000' has choices.
2sheds 1
Well, I am certainly pleased to know that you have such a great inside track to all the secrets especially those sold to China. Have the trigraph gov agencies hired you to generate cover stories?

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bentwing60 1
A true 'give in newscum jock strap' (supporter) thru & thru, and fortunately one whom only shows up here these days when the Troll needed Bat signal shows up in the ether

RM, the fall back joker of the ad homenim attack could no more recite the Scouts oath than I could anything from the curan. sic

"intellect has no bounds, nor does ignorance", a direct quote from bw60!

airplane pilot VS. keyboard jock. let the repartee continue?
Dan Nelson 3
Batmobile of the airways!
Daniel Moreno 2
Recuerdo mucho con el avión Horten Ho 229

themold 1
Heck, that aint nothing. During WW2 we had B-24's, B-25's & B26's & B-29's.
D Chambers 2
Did we not have B-17s also?
SkyAware123 1
This is to divert attention away from dark star.
Mark Skipper 1
Why do we allow foreign nasty Governments high res shots?
You'll B1 B2 b3, B4 you drive six city blocks.
Paul Ipolito 0
S Davis -5
Interesting how all these MAGAT’s sound like Russian bots?
msetera 1
...said a liberal moron.
SkyAware123 -1
Is that an electric extension cord hanging behind it ? Biden's inflation increasing act forcing it to run on electrics?

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Thomas Ballenger 17
Only in America would you find a kid wearing $150 shoes, drinking at $8 coffee, typing on a $1200 cell phone, complaining on social media that he is oppressed and that capitalism has failed him.
Nooge 1
Only in America would you find a draft dodger mishandling secrets and sharing secret Submarine info with an Australian Campaign donor then get on social media and cry that he is a victim and that his Justice Department FBI CIA and Judiciary has failed him

You are free to move about the cabin now that we have hit 45000 feet in the Magaverse where cult 45rs are still falling for the con

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Ron Belanger 3
Huh? Did I miss something here?
Nooge -3
Yes a few old MAGA men with white grievance
Charles Henry 3
I'm just here for the childish commentary. Carry on!
msetera 2
Don't breed.
James Simms 2
I flew 7,000 miles just so I could smoke a Camel during Desert Shield/Storm
Charles Henry 0
Isn't it actually "military industrial complex"? That's the standard uninformed whiner term....

Asking for a friend.
Lance Neward 4
That's actually a term coined by a retired general as he left the most powerful position on earth--Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech after two terms as POTUS (The first president to be term-limited). He also warned of the scientific-technological elite, using government funding to support them.
Charles Henry 2
I'm not arguing that, but to believe that a lack of military strength and technological superiority would be anything but a disaster is horribly naive.

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James Simms 5
Drill Baby, Drill. Frack Baby Frack. Strip mine the Earth until nothing but an empty shell is left.

Not any worse than employing child laborers/slaves to mine Lithium & other rare metals just so the self righteous eco lovers can drive their EV’s that’ll have to be junked later on because it’ll cost thousands if no tens of thousands to replace the battery when finally spent

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Yeah, in about 35,000 years. Please, you can not be that stupid AND be on an aviation forum where we burn fuel like kindling.


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