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Issue with A320 forces diversion

Delta Airbus A320 performing flight 1166 from Austin to NY JFK diverted to Cincinnati due to technical issues and met by fire vehicles on landing. No details yet. ( More...

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William Wildhage 3
It is true Boeing has had some big stumbles. But many of the stories that lead with “Boeing” whatever are actually maintenance issues. And that would be on the airlines.
Decosse 3
I Agree. Wheels and engine covers falling off planes who have been in service for years is on airline maintenance, for starters.
Decosse 2
I found it...amusing... that most of the headlines said "Delta Flight" If it had been a Boeing, that would have been screamed from the headlines. The first article I read about it didn't mention it was an Airbus until the last line. That being said, Boeing has had some pretty big stumbles.
darjr26 1
Delta has some old airplanes.
EMK69 1
Interesting headline.
21voyageur 1
Why is this even newsworthy on this site? Gotta catch eyeballs I guess.
vermaas -3
The plane continued on to JFK within a few hours, so it was a readily fixable issue
Ichiro Sugioka 9
That is incorrect. Passengers disembarked from N369NW and boarded N356NW about 3 hours later. I had a family member on the flight.
vermaas 8
Oh, thank you; I stand corrected.


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