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Boeing Re-elects Outgoing CEO Amid Safety Culture Crisis and Search for Replacement

Boeing’s shareholders have voted to re-elect its outgoing CEO, Dave Calhoun, despite a proxy adviser’s recommendation against it, amid an ongoing safety culture crisis. ( More...

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Matt West 7
Stocks down 30%, parts falling off of planes, MAX -7 -10 still not certified, 777-X doors exploding, FAA looking at all processes deeply, Presidents 747 Billions over budget, and the KC-46 still is fully operational. Oh, and 787 quality problems.

Sure, let's re-elect the CEO who oversaw much of this. What could possibly go wrong?
btweston 0
Bill Overdue -1
If Calhouns issue was "truly" about Capitalism, which is "making profits from goods produced" ... since Boeings value has dropped 32% in 5 years, he would've been gone years ago! Wanna "really" know why he's staying? He's "physically" getting rid of the competition!
Bill Overdue -1
The Wokes hypocrisy knows no bounds! They'd rather have a failed leader of their own choosing, than a winner chosen by someone else!


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