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Airbus hiring additional 400 engineers to increase production in UK

Airbus is to hire 400 engineers at its wing manufacturing plant in Wales as the company races to extend its lead over crisis-hit Boeing in the market for single-aisle jets. Additional staff will be required at the plant in Broughton, near Chester, as Airbus transforms a building that made wings for the A380 superjumbo into a production line for the best-selling A320neo model. Covering an area larger than 10 football pitches, the West Factory site is key to plans to lift monthly A320 output from… ( More...

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mbrews 0
A bad headline. Airbus to hire more wing assembly technicians at UK plant. Fixed it for you. Such wing assembly staff do NOT require an engineering degree.
Colin Seftel 2
In the UK any technician or even a repairman is called an engineer.
Chris B 3
I'd rather have an engineer build my plane than an Accountant.


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