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NTSB Issues Safety Recommendations On Wrong Airport Landings

Based on the NTSB’s investigation of two recent airline flights that landed at wrong airports because of confusion with other near-by airports, the agency today issued two recommendations to the FAA intended to help avoid those situations. ( More...

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preacher1 10
NTSB with just way too much time on their hands. These wrong airport landings have been picked apart and are all pilot error, being realized by the crew at touchdown and having an Oh S&*^ moment. That said, they did their job by stopping their plane and went on to fly another day. Even Southwest did not fire the senior crew but fought the FAA not to pull their certificates.
Loral Thomas 4
I agree with you 110%. Whatever happened to identifying runway numbers before landing? A go-around is a lot less embarrassing and usually doesn't bring out the media for their feast. Curious to see if the FAA does anything with this.
Jim Quinn 2
That nagging feeling, however slight, is worthy of an alarm bell going off in one's head. If something doesn't feel right it probably isn't. I have to say that I am pleased that nobody was hurt. Embarrassed? Oh, yeah! But the media "feast" is an apt description these days. Too much broadcast time available for too little real news.
joel wiley 1
NTSB recommendations:

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HayMan 2
I agree with preacher1. I am not condoning those guys landing at the wrong airports because they did land at the wrong places. I think the thing to understand is when you fly 3-5 legs day, 16-18 days a month in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, with anything from 0500 sign-ins to a 2100 sign in for a west coast all-nighter turn, for 20 to 30 years along with the things that go on at home and in life and you will begin to understand how it might, I say might, happen.
HayMan 1
But, with the technology today, we don't have any excuse to land at the wrong airport. We have to land at the right airport 100% of the time.

preacher1 1
Me a think' the most apt description is called "head up the hiney disease". I never was perfect and as with most others, have all had some distraction of some type at flight levels, BUT, that "sterile cockpit rules is for takeoff and landing and on approach is when I want to be paying attention.


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