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Qantas has posted 234 percent increase on first half profits and announced a $500 million share buyback

The airline profited $921 million before tax after it predicted in December it would reach a half year before tax profit between $875 million and $925 million. It credits the results on its improving domestic and international markets. The airline has also announced it will trial Wi-Fi on domestic flights later this year and is building a new lounge at London Heathrow scheduled to open in early 2017. ( More...

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parisram007 2
All good to see this but the airfares are not coming down yet oil prices are way below the cost for airlines
But not good to see Qantas laid off 5000 jobs but the turn around has a lot to do with share holders and high profile people as well did they get a free ipad from Joyce maybe more sweetners added


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