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Accident: AerCaribe B737 at Bogoto on Nov 9th 2016, structural main gear failures on landing

An AerCaribe Boeing 737-400 freighter, registration HK-5134 performing a freight flight from Leticia to Bogota (Colombia), landed on Bogota's runway 13R at about 00:20L (05:20Z) but suffered structural damage to both main gear struts causing all main gear wheels rotate out of movement direction, the right hand wheels also damaged the runway surface and the right hand tyres burst. ( 更多...

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PF:".... you crab this way and at the last minute you kick the rudder and...."
Highflyer1950 1
What crab with a 2 kt wind?
Asymmetric thrust. Guy's gotta practice.
"Main Landing Gear Shimmy". Very rare event (at least correctly reported ones, as event is often attributed to Hard Landing.. when "In-service history indicates that shimmy events usually stem from maintenance errors in installation, excessive wear and freeplay in the landing gear joints, improper servicing of the damper or shock strut, or landings with extremely low sink rates."

(Riveting read for us 'Propeller Beanied' types!)

Usually involves only ONE MLG. Judging by the fact that this event seems to have occurred in BOTH MLG, I'm leaning toward it NOT being from 'greasing the Landing'...
Highflyer1950 1
Probably correct. Most landings are fairly gentle but more and more pilots are touching down with the aircraft not properly aligned with the runway, even in no wind conditions which produces this undesired effect. also, excessive play in the gear doesn't help.


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