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American Airlines Flight Attendant Spills Tray Of Drinks On CEO

An American Airlines flight attendant spilled a tray of drinks during a flight from Phoenix to Dallas the other day. She didn’t spill the tray of drinks on just anybody though. As a matter of fact, the drinks ended up in the lap of American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. ( 更多...

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AWAAlum 2
I worked for Doug back in Tempe AZ when it was America West. Doug is a great, down-to-earth guy who has proven himself to be a terrific leader. Poor guy took the helm the day before 9/11 - and just look at the success it's enjoyed under his tutelage.
sharon bias 1
Maybe we need the beep beep sound on human shoe's when we're going backward. Works well with FedEx and UPS.
SkyAware123 1
good career move.. and the plane wasn't even in the air !
Promote or clone that FA
Frequently in stores you see these idiots like the guy backing up--no situational awareness whatsoever.
Jim DeTour 2
Probably the only exciting thing he ever experienced. He should try life in an army flight or convoy.
AWAAlum 2
I'm certain that's not so.
M Jelliffe -2
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy, long gone are the glory days of American Airlines and Bob Crandall, who knew how to run an airline and big business!
AWAAlum 3
lolololol - you're implying Doug Parker doesn't know how to run an airline and big business???? You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
Tim Eichman 3
It happens--and it people have to understand that it can and handle it the best way you can. His response was perfect--it wasn't her fault the pax backed into her.

I was on a United flight from San Diego to Philly. As I was going through Pre-Check, some crew came through and the one attendant was commenting on how this was her first non-training flight. I thought nothing of it until we were boarding she was the one greeting us as we boarded--I noted to her that I heard her say it was her first flight and wished her a good flight.

So... during beverage service, I just needed a cup of ice as I had brought my my own drink (powder drink mix in a 1L bottle from the terminal). As she goes to hand me the cup, we both fumble it and I'm covered in ice... no big deal..

Later, I went back to the lav and she was in the galley... while I waited, we started chatting (she saw I was watching one of the Hobbit movies on my tablet...ends up she does cosplay which was pretty cool...): when she apologized again as I went to leave I replied "Think of it this way: you just got the spilled drink out of the way on your first flight. Now you you don't have to be worried about it going forward."
Lauren Ukkerd 1
Accidents happen. Should the flight attendant have planned to spill the drinks on an average Joe Blow passenger.
alan75035 2
Are we certain that it was an accident?
paul gilpin -4
i know he said "forget". i wonder if that is the "forg..." he was thinking?
latrine duty the rest of you career.
Kobe Hunte 2
gosh how do you people have time to waste by posting these stupid comments?
in "the good old days",ground crew and flight attendants were advised the ceo or some v.p. or other would be on board their flight,so the aircraft was more clean than ususal,the courteous service was stronger than ever, and the on board service was perfect...there were rumors many years back when braniff was still around, that when the "head honcho" was flying,he had almost the entire first class cabin to himself!i don't know much about mr parker,but from the article and the picture of he and the flight attendant, I am guessing she was mortified, and he was gracious,as he should be..the article states she has been flying only 4 years,so rest assured, her first reaction was not "oops", but oh my, will he have me fired!!!
Anyone remember Don Knotts raying " Whaat? Me nervous? N-nope!
sparkie624 6
I would have loved to have seen the face of the CEO... LOL
Carlos Campos 11
Luckily Maddie wasn't working for Korean Air... Haha
Kobe Hunte 2
good one lol

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Kobe Hunte 3

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Kobe Hunte 3
go back to the drawing board.. please...and thanks..
patrick baker 11
doug parker has a rare chance to show us all he is not the typical ceo jerk-almighty, and gracefully accept the untoward dowsing with good humor. Maybe show up wearing a raincoat for the next flight and a rain-hat too. This could be good fun.
canuck44 10
I doubt he was sitting in one of American's economy seats with his knees on his chin.
Cansojr 0
Doctor you meant that it was his stomach on his chin.
linbb -5
Stuff happens doubt if anything will come of it supprised more are not spilled.
Cansojr -6
You have a knack for spewing mindless gibberish.
Cansojr 3
Moderate to severe turbulence.
Kobe Hunte 6


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