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Problems at Edinburgh Airport??

4 flights due for arrival at Edinburgh just landed at Glasgow (Sunday 3 Jan 2020, ~2200GMT) No indication of any problem at Edinburgh; what is going on?? ( 更多...

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Richard Haas 3
Edinburgh Airport is closed to inbound flights after a runway froze over.

Freezing temperatures and 'constant' rain and hail forced the suspension of runway operations for the remainder of Sunday night as airport staff make it safe for the first wave of flights tomorrow, a spokesperson told MailOnline.

Flights on their way to the Scottish city will now be diverting to nearby Glasgow, apart from one from London Heathrow, which will be heading back south, reports say.

It comes after the Met Office issued a yellow weather ice warning for parts of eastern Britain, with temperatures near Edinburgh around just 2C.
Duncan Bremner 1
Continuing to monitor; BAW1464 from LHR to EDI has turned around within ~ 50 miles of Edinburgh and returned to LHR (presumably)
Duncan Bremner 0
Ryanair FR5161 due at Edinburgh 2305 just landed Glasgow. Edinburgh flight arrivals showing 2305 arrival (other diverts showed cancelled). No mention of anything in news

Flight FR5161 displayed as landed at Glasgow Airport (2312). All very strange


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