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Eight-Abreast: A Look At Japan Airlines' Trend-Defying Boeing 787 Seating Configurations

Japan Airlines (JAL) stands apart from its fellow Dreamliner-operating flag carriers with its seating configurations of the Boeing 787. Indeed, this is because it has maintained an eight-across (2-4-2) layout in economy class for its internationally operated Dreamliners. Meanwhile, the standard for other airlines has typically become a more cramped nine-abreast (3-3-3) affair in their economy class cabins. Japan Airlines and the Boeing 787 The Boeing 787 entered service in 2011, and its… ( More...

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patrick baker -5
not so difficult to see why: without being rascist, japanese people are smaller than most other nationalities, and 2-4-2 is not sardine seating to them. This ought to be self-evident.....
paul trubits 7
Go buy two pizzas. Cut one into eight slices and the other into nine slices. Which pizza has bigger slices?
Greg Daley 1
Good grief, why all the downvotes? It’s a statement of fact. JAL 747s routinely seated 500+ passengers.


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