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Lines Blur Over Wife's Use of CEO's Jets

Shortly before a WNBA women's basketball playoff game in Indianapolis on Sept. 28, a Hawker 800XP jet owned by Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. of Atlanta arrived at the Indianapolis airport, federal flight records show. ( 更多...

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tim mitchell 3
She is co-owner right????? soooooooooo why doesn't she just charter a jet and file it on her taxes; it's a business expense isn't it?
I'm sorry, I got bored reading the entire article. Did they ever specify whether or not money was reimbursed to the company for jet travel, as per company regulations set out specifically in this matter??
David Sims 3
Who cares? Its not like its a government aircraft being paid for by taxpayers. It belongs to a corporation.
linbb 2
Thats about it with some of these articals need to have a moderator who kicks these and double posts out.
JetChaser 2
And we wonder why Corporate America requests the ability to BLOCK flight plans from public sight
tim mitchell 1
it's also a safety thing too.
David Sims--as a taxpayer I care, Im tired of subsidizing wealthy peoples playtime, and yes I work for a wealthy individual in corporate aviation who scrupulously follows the law for personal use of his aircraft, in the same vein, I dont go "out of pocket"to operate and maintain his aircraft.
ibpilot72 4
Please explain how your tax dollars are subsidizing wealthy people's play time in this situation.
ewandall 1
Douglas, do you own stock in Coca Cola? If you are a shareholder, then you are subsidizing the costs of that aircraft, though the article does say that she only flies it if her husband needs to go to the same location for business.

Your tax dollars have nothing to do with this.
Lewis Tripp 1
I drink Coke Zero and I could't care less who flies on Coke jets.


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