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FAA revokes license of pilot whose partner died in crash in Boulder City

The Federal Aviation Administration revoked the license of a pilot whose business partner died in a crash in Boulder City while the two were giving rides on a pair of military training jets. The FAA on Tuesday ordered David Glen Riggs to surrender his commercial pilot license for carrying passengers in the Czech-built experimental aircraft when he wasn't allowed to. Efforts to reach Riggs on Friday weren't immediately successful. ( 更多...

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DashTrash 3
This guy has been a menace to aviation for a long time. Nice to see him finally getting clipped, hopefully for good. Shame the bastard killed someone before finally getting grounded however.
bentwing60 2
License suspensions, emergency revocations, can you run up a bigger flag that these guys operated outside the box, let alone the regs. I remember the video and story about the pier buzz job and clearly nothing was learned from the disciplinary actions of that incident. Kinda shows the porosity of the system when they can come back, start a business and kill someone, don't care about the idiot IP, and nobody knows they are still outside the box and the regs. Caveat Emptor! Be careful who you get in an airplane with! Especially if it has an experimental AC.
Toby Sharp 2
Most of the times these type problems and people tend to work their ways out over time.........
smoki 2
People are gullible and stupid who climb into a cockpit with pilots like these two. They do so with no knowledge as to the airworthiness of the equipment nor the pilot. Jail time and/or a healthy fine might be a better deterrent for hazardous operators like this.
James Hodges 1
I fully agree.
Torsten Hoff 2
Yes, the pier buzz episode is what first earned my attention when it happened a couple of years ago since I live within easy walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier. I remembered his name when the Tehachapi crash happened and was stunned to see him in the news again in connection with the Boulder City crash.

Let's hope that they can keep him grounded. He has tried to circumvent the system at least before when the FAA revoked his license, which prompted him to get a license in Canada.
bentwing60 2
Nice place to hang your hat!
James Hodges 1
My mistake about the passenger fatality. Very sorry for the passenger and family. Also sorry for the pilots family.
James Hodges 0
Apparently no pax or ground fatalities. I hope the revocation is permanent..There go I, but for the grace of God, for many of us!!!
bentwing60 1
Actually the pilot and a paying passenger were killed in the crash.
A legacy carrier making wise business decisions. Novel concept. Smart.


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