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These Are the 10 Airlines Now Compatible With Apple’s Passbook

As one of the billboard features of Apple iOS 6, Passbook has proven way more useful than we initially anticipated. Amtrak, Fandango, and sports ticketing integration have already made it a welcome addition. But what's really going to make this a killer feature in the future is having all of the world's airlines on board. A few months after launch, Passbook is making some progress towards that ticketing utopia. ( 更多...

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Andy Tyler 2
not sure why Southwest hasn't gotten into this yet considering they're the largest US Domestic Airline
Just off the phone (11/29 - 5:41 PM PST) with SWA .. Their looking at PASSBOOK and possibly will put in place after completion of the AirTran merger is complete. ... in the mean time you can do Electronic Check In, and have your Boarding Pass, on an I Phone or Android device thru their website or use a paper boarding pass
Nice to see this .. Considering I just picked up an I Phone


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