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Why Do Airlines Love A Failing TSA?

Dig deeper, and it's hard not to conclude that, in some respects, the airline industry has a TSA it's always dreamed about. Not only does the agency deal with the pesky back-end security processes, like pre-screening passengers based on their personal data and matching them against the terrorist watchlist, but now airlines also have a convenient place to send all of the passenger complaints about pilfered luggage. ( 更多...

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AccessAir 4
We live in a time where no one is to blame and finger pointing is the best solution...
sparkie624 2
Because they very well represent exactly where there name is... "Thousands Standing Around" or "Totally Stupid Agency". They do too much where it doesn't count and not enough where it does... They once kept me from fixing a plane because a relay was clicking on and off (it was failed) The idiots thought it was a bomb. Another time they were doing a sweep on one of our planes and they called maintenance out to inspect inside the Toilet for a bomb... Guess they did not want to get the "CRAP" blown out of there.


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