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Cargo Airline Founder Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

The founder of the south Texas cargo airline Pan American Airways has been sentenced to 30 years in a federal prison after being caught in a child pornography sting online. Robert L. Hedrick, 61, continues to proclaim his innocence, saying he was framed by former business associates. "I didn't do what I was charged and convicted of," he said. ( 更多...

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Chris Donawho 4
Yep. Dead Man Walking. They'll make him their bitch real quick.
Toby Sharp 3
People like that go to prison aren't heard of again.
sparkie624 3
If he is guilty of the crime, he should serve the time... I have no feelings to what happens to people who preform this crime.
Carl Neely 1
They always say they didn't do it until the trial is complete. (Sad Case)

He sent lewd photos a couple of times in 2010 and attempted to initiate phone sex with an undercover agent.... and he got 30 years! Most murder convictions are from 8 to 25, rape will get you up to 25, aggravated assault 3 to 5.... and this guy gets 30 years for sending a couple of photos and trying to initiate PHONE sex? Sorry, but I feel this is too severe a punishment for the crime charged.
Chris Muncy 1
I think the problem here is that murderers dont get enough time.
LancairESP 2
Murderers get more than enough time - decades of appeals. Send them all to Texas where they know what to do with them! As for Hedrick, he must have really pissed off somebody to get 30 years for a little porn.
Wow. You knew better, now you can join your kind.
Guilty as charged. Probably went too trial and found guilty for the crime and the Judge cited aggravating circumstances to give him more time for lying.


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