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A Leap Forward for the Troubled 737MAX

Though there are many opinions out there on the Boeing 737MAX, this is good news for the airline industry and Boeing overall. ( 更多...

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Ike Newton 10
I suspect that when certification tests are completed and the Max returns to service, it will be the safest commercial aircraft flying. Keep at it Boeing.
Could not agree more. Very few aircraft in history have been through this much scrutiny and they are not done yet. The DC-10 had its day as well as the F-111. And maybe add the early V-22 issues but those were not to this level.
James Simms 1
Add in the 727 as it has several crashes early in it use.
selmer40 3
Why use a MAX 7, not a MAX 8, for testing? The MAX 8 was the problem airplane.
30west 5
Because the MCAS software, not a particular MAX airframe variant, was the focus of the problem attributable to Boeing.
ADXbear -8
First time I choose ground trans over flying . I do not know what pilot unions have endorsed flying this airplane..
The virus will put scared pilots in the seat..
Shame.. not my family...
Robert Cowling -3
I usually drive 2 hours to the nearest 'big' airport to avoid the little RJ's. Like when I did SYD, I drove. I hopped into a 777 with HUGE carry-on bins and giant seats. To start in a plane that has a bin big enough for a shoe box could sure make the next leg a pain... 14 hours? With what's in my carry-on? Sure... PASS...
Robert Cowling -8
Any other nation would be a fool to accept the assurances of this government on the safety of this plane. And if, as others are saying, tis isn't event he suspect plane, it makes it even worse.

Money contributed by Boeing was well spent if they are able to get this turkey certified by not even flying the damn plane that crashed twice.

It's always better to look for something in the light, but if you lost it in the dark, I really don't think you are going to find it looking in the wrong place. But they have lost a lot of money. And after the next crash of the 737, nothing will save them, or the FAA.


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