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Back When a U-2 Spyplane Operated From an Aircraft Carrier

The U-2 Dragonfly was not only tested on a carrier, the jet actually carried out a successful spy mission for the CIA ( More...

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avionik99 10
Worked that spyplane back in the mid 70's along with the SR-71. The U-2 was far easier to maintain, perhaps that why its still here today.
Bill Roettgen 4
The U-2 actually landed (as opposed to being ‘hoisted’) on Kitty Hawk. I was on board Kitty Hawk at the time and witnessed both landing and take-off, which were exciting, but uneventful due to skilled pilot and flight deck crew.

Kitty Hawk had a long and productive career. She executed some 448,000 catapult shots and, at 165,433 shots, had the only waist catapult to achieve more than 100,000 shots. With eight 1,200-pound boilers, her 280,000 shaft horsepower is exceeded by no ship, and equaled only by heavier nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.
redlaser 0
Russia shot down an American spy plane and captured the pilot.
Bill Butler -3
If you insist on posting Paywalls, just quit posting
Alex Howe 6
No paywall here. Pop-ups seeking contribution were closed easily and did not block the article.
SorenTwin 3
Nor here. It's a non-issue.
Bill Butler 1
Tell me how!
Tim Dyck 1
I never hit a paywall. Must be a setting on your end.


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