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Retiring Delta A330 pilot's water cannon salute

Retiring Delta A330 pilot water cannon salute Detroit metro, DTW. I do not have info on the crew Date: 5-17-24 Flight: DAL17 Airport: Detroit metro, KDTW Route: LHR-DTW Gate: A50 A/C: A330-223 Ship N860NW/3360 ( More...

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Ron Slater 9
I cried when I got my salute in 2016. Retirement from the airline was bitter sweet, but it turned out to be the best career move I ever made. I wish him/her well in retirement
Murray Wynne 3
I cried too…

sparkie624 5
Very good show.. Wish him well in his retirement.
Patricia Reed 5
Captain Theresa Claiborne, the first Black woman pilot in the U.S. Air Force, is retiring after completing her final flight on Thursday. Claiborne is also the president of a nonprofit that mentors young women of color looking to become pilots.
Frances Toki -1
Texas Woman's University at Denton has begun pilot training.
Thanks to the airport crash/rescue crew.. May that be the ONLY time you see them!!
Richard Sharpe 2
Saw this on the news last night. His son was his co-pilot on the flight!
Mike T 6
That was a different retirement flight, the one who retired with his son as the FO that was featured on the news was on an A320


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