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AAL Flight 2050 Makes Emergency Landing at KBNA

An American Airlines Boeing 777 flying from Chicago to Miami was diverted to Nashville because of an ill pilot. Flight 2050 landed safely in Nashville at 12:32 p.m. The plane had 213 passengers on board, as well as two pilots and eight flight attendants. It was still on the ground at 2:30 p.m. ( 更多...

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richard weiss 0
Is this really news worthy?
mark tufts 0
it's an almost every day happening that someone gets ill on a flight
Was it the captain that got sick? Thank goodness the co-pilot was able to land it safely!
bogberto 0
Why would it matter if it was the captain who became ill? Any FO can easily land any airplane. Both pilots are fully qualified to do everything. The only difference between the two is seniority.
Jeff Lawson 0
The regionals don't require FO to necessarily have ATP. (My past CFI just started as a regional FO with only 1000 hrs of mostly C172 experience.)

Of course if you've made it to a mainline carrier on a 777 you probably have worked through ATP requirement already.
bogberto 0
When I flew at the regionals, I had FOs with 300 TT. They didn't have an ATP or a type, but they were fully qualified to fly the plane by themselves at any time. The media, and most people, seem to think that airplanes will fall out of the sky without the captain. It's just not true.
I was just being sarcastic. The comment I posted is the most common posted when something like this happens.
I was lightening up an obviously dull article.
bogberto 0
Gotcha. Sorry. It had been a long day and my sense of humor was on coffee break.
Bogberto is correct and good point
I thought any flight attendant could land an airplane...
mgor24 0
so if im driving somewhere and hve to pull over cuz my pussy hurts, i better get to waste someones time with the news
weiman hong 0
yes, it is bad fly for it, anwe lost time and money to travel in maimi, no one to ask money back fro this, who know this law fro meet fly probem? pls tell us. thanks
weiman hong 0
bad fly, we cost big money fro travel maimi, but lost time,chance and money. who know how deal this? pls give good idea.thanks
Brian Reedy 0
Hmm. I was just flying from Chicago to Miami (yesterday) and I was on a 757. Wish I got a 777.
It wont work
Brian Mortin 0
All AA F/O's on B777 are type rated, and probably 18-25 years airline tenure.
The scenario of an incapacitated pilot has been well practiced at some
point in an AA pilots sim training.
John Lear 0
Yes, thank goodness. But how was the co-pilot able to tell?
Why do we let the media set the tone for aviation. Any time there is an incident, the media goes to the aviation experts, those seated in the back for information. I am glad to be retired.
Not news worthy. Why is it that every time there is an incident involving a passenger flight the media goes to all the "experst" that are sitting in the back of the airplane. I am glad I am retired.


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