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Airlines tumble 31% in 2011; outlook cloudy for 2012

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Airline stocks on ended a rough year deep in the red on Friday as sputtering demand and soaring fuel prices squeezed the industry’s profits, and 2012 is expected to be just as challenging. ( 更多...

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Dean Brossman 0
It is amazing that all of the "experts" cannot see that the Dinosaur sized carriers cannot adapt to a changing market and that is why they are always on the brink. Too big to fail is a bad policy.
chalet 0
Wayne and other fellow bloggers: when the airlines went through awful times in the 1990s and other ocassions didn`t they say that they had just oo many planes on their fleets and to keep them flying the rates went down dramatically and losses, big losses became the norm. Twenty years later we have the same old story: too many planes and perhaps too many airlines too chasing the same passengers. Now tell me, who is to be blamed for all those losses. They (the airlnes) will never learn to say no more planes even if my competition is buying more.


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