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Air France to cancel 40 percent of long-haul flights

(Reuters) - Air France said on Wednesday it expected to cancel up to 40 percent of its long-haul flights and up to 30 percent of shorter flights as a pilot strike ran into its third day. Air France has had to notify thousands of passengers of axed flights this week via email or text message. ( 更多...

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John Shanahan 2
David Brooks 1
The French have these strikes from time to time so really nothing new in that. Just what is happening now.
The skies are a little safer with Air France on the ground.
Ric Wernicke 1
Perhaps they can use the time on the ground to fix the shoddy cabin equipment.
phil gibson 1
The Pilot Group is making a very career ending mistake........the competition Carriers will gladly take up the slack!
Owen O'Mahony 1
Air France Pilots are a good investment - buy them at cost and sell them at their own estimation - you'll make a bomb!! That's assuming there will be an available job for them
Jim Kerr 1
When flying home from IST-CDG-PHL, (back in 2007 when AF still flew to PHL) AF went on strike as we made it to Paris, and our PHL flight was canceled. After trying to re-route us via England or Spain, they finally put us on a VERY delayed Delta flight to ATL. Apparently this Delta flight left CDG about 6 hours earlier, developed some mechanical issue and had to return to Paris. We lucked out big time!! This was the first and only time my bags have been lost. One bag arrived at my door about 3 days later, and the second bag showed up almost 7 days after that. My travel companion said the only reason the ticket agent got us on that flight was because I speak fluent French. Who knows!! ....but I must say, that flight from CDG-ATL was the LONGEST 9 hours of my life.


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