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Amid crackdown, union says pilots should report any ATC deviation

While the intent of the policy shift appears to be to encourage pilots to self report deviations, ALPA says pilots who have been assured by controllers that the transgression is a minor one not worthy of FAA attention have found out later that they've been written up. ( 更多...

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rmchambers 2
ATC guys and girls have no choice, if a supervisor watching sees a deviation that the controller may in the past have overlooked or brought to the pilots attention (such as an altitude bust by giving and unsolicited altimeter setting) the ATC person will get violated by their supervisor. This is the real reason for the hard-assed attitude, it's not something the run of the mill ATC guys want to do, although I'm sure there are a few that enjoy it.

Bottom line, any pilot doing anything that could be construed as a violation (altitude over 300' off) etc.. file the NASA form (do it online) and at least if there is some action and your behavior wasn't wilful there will be no penalty.
Dean Betz 2
The take from Air Tradfic Management: "US pilots urged to flood whistleblower scheme".
Peter Steitz 1
Nice post, Dean. Pretty much agrees with my feelings about the ASAP. I told my pilots in the company to ALWAYS use the ASAP. It's free (must be legal, unintentional, no alcohol/drugs or falsification) and is a pass out of jail.
Tom Pera 2
when I was in ATC pilots and controllers covered for each other .... unless the mistake was noticed by the public or a supervisor was watching... there was a general sense of partnership... we and the pilots did have an avenue to report safety errors without penalty but, again, we used it for the worst cases.... unless we were at war with the FAA.... then we flooded the system
Gene spanos 0
Tom - Sir - If they performed their job - they would not have to worry about CYA.
Thank you sir.
Tom Pera 1
sometimes we all make mistakes.... some are worse than others... even you have....
Peter Steitz 1
Lt. Gene, I can suppose by your ignorant comment that you have NEVER made an honest mistake?
After 37 years of working airplanes I concur with rmchambers. If it's just me talking to you and there's an altitude bust and there was no loss of separation with another aircraft or terrain, I may reiterate the altitude to maintain and leave it at that. But if another controller or sup sees/hears it then the Brasher Statement is issued..."possible PD...". We're not head hunters. If I weren't looking at the glass and talking to you I'd much rather be on the other end of the mic. My hat is off to you folks and the work you do.
Peter Steitz 1
Well said. I know several controllers--one at LAX and have developed a deep respect for their responsibility. We all have to work together. This reminds me of the attitude of some senior mainline pilots toward regional pilots. Look, we're all in the same sky doing the same thing. A small airplane takes up the same space as a big one. Funny that many of those mainline guys and gals were once regional pilots. How fast they forget.
Gene spanos 1
Thank you !
Now let's work on the UAL daytime milk run to Narita renagade that clips the trees
at less than 2,000 Feet AGL !
Pa Thomas 1
This is an over reaction by ALPA. This "news" is probably attached to an email that begs for new memberships and donations to their PAC.
william ouart 1
Boy its hard to be human if ya work in the transportation sector!trucking,aviation,and so much more!!! youd thought weve all created a blood bath over the last few decades!!!! Welcome to off with the heads campaign!!!! Hit em hard Aviators! As a trucker we are just screwed!with the off with your heads CSA 2010! Tripel the points for each of the thousands of possible violations!!!! Sad ERa for everyone in Transportation!!!!
Peter Steitz 1
If you have ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program) at your airline and the crew reports all actions, the crew usually gets a free pass. Don't assume if you blew a crossing restriction and the controller tells you "no problem", that you're OK. These tapes are audited and you might get a call weeks later that you have been violated. I have first hand knowledge having served on the board and also as the Air Safety Chairman for my airline that the ASAP works. Mechanics, controllers, Flight Attendants and Dispatchers have similar programs. You GA pilots have the NASA.


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