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Buy this Plane!!! As is!!!

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Toby Sharp 10
$10 cash
Jeremy Kudlick 6
That what he needs to pay you to take it away, right? :D
Joseph Howes 3
$40 for the trasport costs then $25 for the actual plane. that things a death trap on wheels, i would sell it for parts, this is worth more in scrap
Sean Laffan 3
Might need some bondo
1000 and thats it i need a cabin for my flightsimulator i am building a cockpit
Hey, thats a good idea!
sparkie624 3
LOL, Good one... 1 Hour out of Annual. Wonder what it will sell for...
Roland Dent 3
A lot of these guys on here Sparkie cannot see a bargain like we can...with a bit of wrenching and duct tape me and thee could fix it.
sparkie624 2
Low time motor... Fresh Annual... Being an A&P.. No problem.. Roll it over (or wait on the next wind gust)... Give a good inspection and off she goes... From the images the prop was in the right angle. If the Verticle stab did not get much damage, it would all be inspections... I would give a grand or 2 for it.
tim mitchell 2
$2500.... yall fix it and I will send someone to pick it
David Sims 2
You might want to take a look at the wing. The one wing tip appears to be bent. Depending on how far it is, the spar may be bent as well. May be a much bigger project than you think.
David Sims 2
Just noticed too, the wing strut is also bent, I bet the wing will need to be totally rebuilt if not replaced.
sparkie624 3
Yeah... Just noticed the bends... It would definitely under the FAR's be classified as a major repair... It would take a few weekends in the hanger to fix the wing. Just some sheet metal work. Have a friend that is an IA that would solve that problem. Doubt the SPAR is that bad... Would probably need to be beefed up abit. The strut would have to be replaced... that would be the hardest part. Still for 2 Grand and fixing it myself... Would not be that bad. It would be more expensive to have it shipped to where I could work on it in spare time.
tim mitchell 3
go to any airport and you will see abandoned planes just sitting probably wouldn't be that hard to come by
Toby Sharp 1 won't......maybe to a parts yard that is it.....
dmaccarter 3
Its always interesting to look at the ntsb report.
Wrong incident (1999). This one appears to be non-flight related, according to the poster's account.
I've flown worse.
tim mitchell 2
you brave brave soul
Looks repairable to me. Question is, at what price versus max book value.
Roland Dent 2
Great retirement project.
Jeffrey Babey 2
I have some swampland in Florida you can buy
Bob Stein 2
Years ago when I landed in Death Valley I was dismayed to find tie-down rings but no ropes or chains for them. The best I could get at the Furnace Creek store nearby was flimsy cord for tents, so I used it-lots of it. A couple of days later, at the visitor's center, I checked the weather forecast and saw high winds predicted later that day! It was calm at the time, butI knew my plane would blow loose if it got too windy, so I hastily departed back to Rialto, CA.
As soon as I got to Baker and climbed out of the shelter of the valley, the winds hit! I had to climb to 11k go get over blowing dust. It took tremendous crabbing just to keep my little warrior on course. Luckily, the winds had not yet hit in Rialto, and my landing was easy.
Meanwhile, at Death Valley, patio furniture was flying at Furnace Creek! I was reminded of Lefty Gomez' comment: I'd rather be lucky than good.
Bob Stein
Send the plane to this guy to get fixed. I'm sure it would be cheap.
joel wiley 2
Can you duct tape a crankshaft?
Mike Harbour 2
Naw, but you can JB Weld it!
Death Valley ... says it all .. and he wants how much ? Alot of work if it ever see's the skies again.
scrap it!!
All the 152 & 172's I trained on had been flipped and bent worse than this one, fixed up by a local A&P and tech school and put back into the rental fleet. This plane was in bad shape before it flipped. All fixed up it will only be worth $25k so the value of this mess is probably $2k tops. Cessna singles are tough and forgiving. I bet this one would fly as is (if the wings were put back on).
I'll give 3k can u deliver
toolguy105 1
Talk about your fixer upper. I think that might just be a write off.
Jack Hawkins 1
Put it on ebay.
Paul Claxon 1
Is it fly able from Death Valley to Ohio ? lol
Mark Heilpern 1
If they can make a 747 fly a space shuttle, I'm sure something can be made to fly this 172 anywhere you want it, and more economically!
Toby Sharp 1
U could part that out and shove it in a Caravan and have it at your local airport the next day if you got the $......Money makes the monkey dance boys!
Jessie Lemoine 1
I was thinking the same thing!!
Note that it did happen in 2007 and he was asking $16k for the complete plane as is. Wonder what he got. I think it would buff right out, but it isn't a car and inspectors might not agree.
Roland Dent 2
damn site easier to fix than a car..damn things are full electronics.
lenanolan 1
Yep....I'd take it.
Lynn Fisk 1
yeah right what a POS
phumflyer 0
The NTSB's Factual Cause report:
Ric Wernicke 2
Looks like that report was 13 years ago. There has been 2,000 hours on the airframe since then, including a major overhaul at 5,000 hours. This looks like a recent incident.
sparkie624 2
Link does not work.


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