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Behind-The-Scenes: Your Bag's Journey On Delta

Watch where your bags go after they pass through those black rubber flaps at the airport. ( More...

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joel wiley 8
Quite good. A grain of salt- this was done by Delta, not a news organization. I just wonder what the blooper reel looked like.
Robert Lewis 4
noone knows... the cameras in that bag were broken after getting thrown 12 feet to the back of the MD88 bin, then completely crushed under the weight of the bags that were stacked on top.
(i kid, i kid... as a Delta ramper, I assure you, we treat all bags as if they were our own)
Dick Laumann 1
Of course you do. :)
Tim Kenyon 7
Were the cameras powered by Li-Ion batteries?
canuck44 4
No photography in the TSA area to avoid becoming evidence as the cameras are stolen.
Terry Isom 3
John, I was thinking the same thing as I clicked the link for the comments! LOL
Robin Rosner 1
or bags are pilfered!
benin 2
Pretty cool stuff.
John Hale 2
I like the track app
Pretty cool
Katie Barker 1
Enjoyed - always wondered what behind the scenes looked like....would love to have seen the TSA area though!
Fred Rosa 1
In the old days of hand writing baggage tags, many bags destined for COS, Colorado Springs ended up in CUS, Cusco, Peru. Working for aa major airline, we could not tell the passengers where their bags were, but we knew it would be 2-3 days unil they returned from their international journey!
Robin Rosner 1
First time I've ever seen it...liked it so much I will keep my comments about the blacked-out TSA area to myself!
Devin Battley 1
Yes, one time when I went non stop on Delta from DC to Orlando they sent my bag to Atlanta so that the hotel could wake me up with my late arriving luggage. That is why you need the App they advertise!
Jeffrey Babey 1
I thought this was pretty cool.
Have to wonder about Detroit handlers, though. A dozen of us had our bags sent to EVV when they were to go to TUL and vice versa. Then it took over 30 hours to get it to me.


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