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Solid lithium-sulfer battery breakthrough

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced what looks like a major breakthrough in battery design. The battery has no highly-flammable electrolyte. ( More...

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Roland Dent 1
Well is this not wonderful...they have given us some technology the military have been using for at least 20 yrs. They nearly wrecked Boing in the process. Just what other goodies will they let us have?
JetMech24 1
I think you are confused with the battery types they are talking about?
Roland Dent 1
Nah I ain't confused at all. Boeing keep asking if they can TFR the stuff they make for the military to use in civil contracts. DoD and Pentagon keep saying no. This 787 was made for new technology. The whole design concept is different. A lot of us are pissed off that we have to use 1925 designed kit. Road to nowhere.


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