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Air India Boeing 787 Windshield cracks during landing at Melbourne

In its latest series of mishaps, the windshield of a Air India Boeing Dreamliner cracked as the plane landed at Melbourne airport today though there was no threat to about 100 people on board, airline officials said. ( 更多...

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Ric Wernicke 6
Windshields crack all the time. That is why they are easily replaceable. I doubt temperature differential near the ground would cause a problem. More likely birds or other debris. Stress cracks are possible with the twisting of the plane during landing, but that is almost always caused by shortcomings of the installer.

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Like was said, all that was reported was that it cracked - for all we knew they hit a Canada Goose at landing...
Nick Langmaid 1
Not a lot of Canada Geese at Melbourne. Perhaps a high-jumping kangaroo?
anirban dutta 1
thts funny...
Nick Hesler 2
This means now that there something structurally wrong with the area around the window for it to keep cracking.
preacher1 4
Bullcrap!!!!!!! Take you a poll of all airline mx programs and see how many windshields have been replaced over the past year. For awhile, until the fleet size grows, every little normal thing on a 787 will be National News. The battery deal brought them to worldwide attention and they will have that drug up every time somebody farts in a lavatory and a fan goes out.
David Barnes 2

And in other news, a 737 windshield probably also cracked today. Probably an A320, too.

We collectively go through this exercise every time a new fleet rolls out. Every little hiccup, from overflowing trash cans on up gets reported as though the sky is falling. The media sadly fails to put into ANY perspective that many of these same incidents happen every day on established fleets. When the A380 rolled out, every delay was breaking news. When was the last time a minor incident like this was reported on ANY OTHER fleet? Barring cabin depressurization as a result of the windshield failure, I'd bet it's been years (since that fleet was the "hot new product" on the market).
People tend to work out a pattern in farts too !
That's what makes them celebrities ! To stand apart from the crowd.
Teething problems ! ?
Either there are too many teeth !
Or too many problems !
Kindly check out the following two links

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Fault in brakes, AI plane lands at IGI

Too many teeth or too many troubles ? Please decide !
matt jensen 1
Last time I cracked a windscreen was in 1999 on a hard landing in Vancouver. No bird strikes in 38 yrs of flying, but there's always a chance. However, I'm not flying a billion dollar jet either. Seems to me, they should be built a lil bit stronger than my C130 or Electra.
Jetfixr 1
Here we go blame the frame nothing else can cause that to crack maybe the fuel they got in India made the engines run warm and caused the crack....

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Er.A.K. Mittal -1
Dear friend phil rudd, I am no admirer of things Chinese, but you do seem a vee bit unfair to them. After all so many international brands have created their manufacturing facilities there ! And they all are churning out good products. In accordance with their 'own' respective world class standards.
I am not concerned about why those US or European companies have gone their to create the facilities. That will be yet another dimension to debate on.
Musketeer1 0
Boeing aircraft aren't made in the US anymore. These problems won't be solved, they'll be profit margin analyzed into acceptance.
PhotoFinish 1
The pendulum is swinging back as we speak, at Boeing specifically, but in general too.
watacat 0
Sorry - spelling a bit off at this hour - should be 'country' and not county!
Another(similar) version from another news paper
watacat -1
The windshield is made in China?? Now I know I won't get on the plane even tho I love Boeings. Anything made in China is suspect as well the the county opeerating and possibly - just possibly - maintaining it.
preacher1 1
Just about everything is made somewhere else these days, whether here or overseas and sent to an assembly point. Even the bus is made in different countries and is only assembled in one place.
watacat 1
Understandable, but they should at least be made in a country with reliable workers and skillful technology, neither of which seem to be available in China except what is either stolen from the internet by hacking and then the end result is not always good. Witness the high speed train crash in China and the terrible quality of the metropolitan trains sold to other countries..
preacher1 1
Any item manufactured without quality control can be flawed, whether China or here. There are probably windscreens for other models come from there, both Boeing and probably Airbus as well. Windscreens crack on a regular basis . I doubt that any website on which you book a ticket can give you that information. If you are that adamant about not flying on something with a Chinese part in it, you will be groundbound for awhile.


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