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NTSB Study Shows Upward Trend In Drug Use By General Aviation Pilots

In a study adopted Tuesday on the prevalence of drug use by pilots who died in crashes, the NTSB found an upward trend in the use of both potentially impairing medications and illicit drugs. Almost all of the crashes, 96 percent were in general aviation. ( 更多...

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"Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs have the potential to impair performance, so pilots must be vigilant to ensure that their abilities are in no way compromised before taking to the skies." They aren't talking about illicit drugs; they are talking about impairment type drugs. Pretty much 121, 135, 90 pilots are aware of these and subject to random testing to boot. All they are saying is that GA pilots may not be aware of some of these. As far as where it came from, it was compiled off of toxicology reports from crashes investigated.


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