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China Eastern Airlines Successfully 3D Prints Airplane Parts for Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft

Today it has been announced that China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. has successfully 3D printed many parts of on their in-service Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. These parts include the aircraft door handle covers, aircraft seats, and other cabin components and signs. ( 更多...

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preacher1 3
Well safety certification falls in there, but while it may cut down on some inventory, the availability and need time is what will have to be looked at. Most 3D stuff takes time to make as it is generally layered up. If a unit is in for scheduled maintenance and the need anticipated, that is fine, but when you have something go down and the plane is at the gate waiting to board, you probably aren't going to have time to make it. You are going to have to have something on the shelf for the mx guy to go with.
linbb 1
Thought that they had to be certified by the agency's not just a backyard worker using his 3D printer. This would open things up for non certified parts that could cause safety concerns. We do know that China is one of the best known country's for fake copyrighted products and has been for years. Oh well guess one might think twice about who they fly with.
preacher1 1
Well, it's their own airline so I wouldn't worry about copies for the time being. So far I think all that has been produced, if I read the story right, are non operating type parts that don't require certification. idk.
Marty Nemes 3
Hopefully they aren't trying to 3D a Triple 7
jmrazek1 1
I wouldn't be surprised. lol
preacher1 2
It'll take awhile to layer that one up. LOL


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