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Report urges Airbus change flight control design

“AirAsia Flight 8501’s pilots effectively wrestled each other at the A320 jet’s controls as they sought to fight off an electronics-system failure, said a report that recommended Airbus change its control sticks to resemble Boeing’s." ( 更多...

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bentwing60 3
Now I'll say I told you so! And no, I didn't read the article.
Pileits 2
The article is rather poorly done but the basis of the article I totally agree with. Having dual flight controls that are in no way linked together is an insane design failure.
The only waring both pilots are moving the control sticks at the same time is some idiot computer voice that mumbles some obscure statement in a foreign language that many pilots might not even understand.

On REAL dual control airplanes either pilot can "feel" the other pilot moving the flight control wheel.

Note I have thousands of hours in both Boeing as well as Airbus airplanes, so save the flames.
linbb 1
Preacher 1 made comments about this very thing some time back. He understood from his career not just shooting off the hip. Will always miss him but will remember every time I go on this site.
MultiComm 1
The username sounds familiar. Did I miss something...?
Pileits 1
I believe he has pasted away from what I have read here.
MultiComm 1
I thought that may have been what you referred to but didn't want to assume incorrectly. Sorry to hear.


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