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VIDEO: QATAR A350 Aborts Takeoff During First Flight from the US

VIDEO: QATAR A350 Aborts Takeoff During First Flight from the US ( 更多...

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Nick Hesler 2
Omg such big news, a plane aborting a takeoff. Like honestly, this story is being blown out of proportion.
Colin Seftel 2
More detail at and
I don't know which was more funny. The fact that a grown man had to call momma to say he was scared or that his boarding pass was dated 10 Dec 2000. So much for Qatar's security at JFK lol
David Stark 2
The Yahoos at Yahoo! Travel called this a "disaster" in their headline. Hardly.
joel wiley 4
From a PR perspective, maybe an oopsie, but not a disaster.
Colin Seftel 3
PR disaster!
Eddy Oord 2
Ask the airline CEO, Akbar Al Bakar, his opinion about this happening. He will tell you in the line of his comment on the overrun with the Qatar 777 in Maiami, that it happens daily. No problem, nothing new. Worst case they should take a few landing lights and some demage on the fuselage over several meters, but also this is at Qatar Airways a daily business and nothing to worry according Akbar Al Bakar. Or this guy is a stupid or has a alcohol problem as a normal CEO should not even think it. Have a nice flight with Qatar.
Pileits 2
Perhaps the precursor of things to come...... You think?
joel wiley 2
With 63 passengers, I hope they were below MTOW and didn't overheat the brakes on the stop. Did they get checked while awaiting their second try?
kev wu -1
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Watch Qatar Airways A350 in scary aborted takeoff

The airline wanted to be the first to fly the new Airbus A350 aircraft out of the US. It's been feeling a little bullish lately, bristling at criticisms from US airlines that it has unfair advantages due to government subsidies.

So here was the inaugural US flight last week from JFK to Doha, Qatar, with only journalists and special guests on board.

One of those journalists was Zach Honig, editor-in-chief of travel site The Points Guy. He saw that an outside view of the takeoff was beamed to each of the business class screens. He thought he'd film it all too.

And then, in his own words: "About 18 seconds after we began rolling down JFK's runway 22R, the aircraft self-aborted, bringing us from more than 100 mph to a loud, screeching halt in roughly 15 seconds."


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