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United Airlines 2016 Fleet Plan

Some of the highlights for the next year include taking delivery of older A319s from China Southern, new 737-900ERs, Dreamliners, and its first 777-300ER. ( 更多...

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joe bloom 5
Used A/C from China, and run out ones from COPA, great fleet plan. UA is a torture chamber calling itself an airline.
Curtis Wester 4
Used aircraft from China!!! Say it ain't so Bob Six, say it ain't so!!
Do you think they will bother to replace the Chinese signs with English or just ignore it and slap a Globe on the tail and let er rip.
jim garrity 3
Well, AA flies A-319 from PHX-ANC!How nice can 6hrs. be in that?
This definitely firms up the MOU UAL signed earlier about the A350 replacing either the 772s or B744s in their fleet. If I remember reading that MOU, the B787 was to replace the B767s they were phasing out, but it looks like they are keeping them now.

And B772s for *domestic* flights? Hearkens back to the late 90s when they were using B744s for domestic runs. Is capacity picking up again?
joe bloom 2
Cheap capacity over comfort.
swannie 1
I live in Chicago and used to travel to Denver a lot for business, I always tried to get on the 777's ... nice planes back then. I miss the 2-5-2 seating.
Brian Bough 1
I actually caught a United 777 from ORD to DEN. The plane had come in from a long-haul to ORD and was headed out on a long-haul from DEN. Maybe the domestic flights are just about positioning the planes.

This news strikes me as being as weird as Delta's recent commitment to purchase 20 737-900ERs and 20 Embraer 190s. The target would appear to be 757s on domestic flights and right-sizing on the smaller planes. But it seems to have no observable plan for replacing their MD-88s or A320s(-18s and -19s).

The commonality is that both airlines seem to be continuing to stock their fleets with a wide variety of planes. And here I thought the objective was to reduce maintenance costs by reducing the variety of planes flown...
japanjeff 1
Yea, I've been confused by these airlines buying both Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the same category (e.g. A320 and B737). What's the rationale for doing that?


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