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Boeing gets new order from Air Force

Good news for Boeing on this National Aviation Day. ( 更多...

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ken young 2
Oh the irony.....US based carriers buying French made Airbus equipment. Meanwhile the France AF is buying US made equipment from Boeing.
Ric Wernicke 2
The best news is that in the event of hostilities the US can get material manufactured here at home, rather than rely on foreign manufacturers which could be unable to deliver in times of strife.

On the operational front, users can enjoy comfort from a tanker flown by a pilot rather than a systems operator tending a scary computer flight control system.
honza nl 3
Ah, that's why everybody outside the US buys the Airbus tankers.
toolguy105 2
Not so. There are several different and earlier versions of the 767 Tanker Boeing has and still is producing for other countries. This version was developed to meet U.S. Air Force specifications an most likely will be the Tanker of choice of NATO countries flying the same type planes as the U.S.

Japan and Spain are flying earlier versions of the 767 tanker as is Canada.
cody andrew 3
Sorry but Canada is not using the 767 as a tanker
Italy, Japan, Brazil, and Columbia operate the tanker variants of the B763 aircraft. Brazil and Columbia have conversion models from Israel. Several countries have military airlift conversions of the aircraft, and I think two have VIP conversions.

The Canadian government does not operate the 767.


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