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Private helicopter pilot performs jaw-dropping rescue of stranded tourist 2000m up on the mountainside

Submitted the video...this guy has must have anti-freeze for blood. ( More...

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scott8733 5
Good stuff 44, thanks for posting. Easy to see with the thing tilting how tough the draft was. I've got a strong stomach, but had I been riding shotgun I likely would have went through 2-3 pair of underwear before returning to base LOL.
ian hatch 3
Incredible flying - winds in mountains can be dreadful.
Congrats to a great pilot
Cade foster 3
The SMUED unit knew their limitations. Nothing to be ashamed of. All pilots are not equal in ability and guts.
Chris B 1
Corbex Helicopters website has this on the story: Professional team took care of the work not completed a private helicopter pilot. Intensive and extensive maneuvering with the hero pilot Constantin Apăvăloae Carpathian Mountains in Romania in 2000 Mt. rescued 44-year-old woman trapped tourists. Braşov (Romania) Corbex Helicopters private company called the pilot of 30 mt. He returned to the life of a fallen woman slit below. A rescue team had reached the area much earlier, but was unsuccessful.

Women in heavy femur and arm fractures. a history of head trauma. Survivors of forcing the woman to the hospital immediately.
joel wiley 0
Great job. I wonder if we will get the after incident investigation report about the earlier failed attempt.
canuck44 4
I read the previous attempt as ground effort, but might be wrong. No way to tell if he was fighting wind or up drafts. Tightened my sphincters just watching.
bentwing60 4
And mine. I have had several "good" helicopter rides in my career including ferrying a Hughes 500C back to ADS from Fergus Fall MN with my buddy the helo pilot. Every time, I got out thinking that flying a Lear 24 was a piece of cake compared to that. This crew is also "the right stuff".
canuck44 4
As a young (and foolish) flight surgeon I was frequently "volunteered" to be the guy on the end of the string, mostly pulling medivacs off fishing trawlers in the North Atlantic. Compared to getting dropped into a pile of rocks getting a little wet was pretty benign compared to being smacked around these peaks. These guys were a well oiled team...pilot, winch operator and the guy on the string.
goincoconuts 0
Why did a private helicopter pilot have a hoist on their helicopter? Seems a bit odd to me.
canuck44 4
The guy was obviously no novice to flying in these mountains so there are a couple of possibilities. He may well have this hoist as an accessory placed for specific purposes before leaving his base or it could be permanent as he makes his living in these mountains and is called upon often to rescue tourons (tourist plus moron), skiers or deliver supplies when roads are blocked. Most likely the latter as the guy on the string and the operator were both pros too.

My earlier post overlooked that he was fighting updrafts.

For history buffs much of the resistance to the Germans in the Balkans was based out of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania as from the time of the Mongol invasions the mountains have served as a refuge from various invaders. Some excellent novels are based there.
goincoconuts 2
I only brought it up because operating in the mountains with the intent of rescuing the locals would probably require a crew (to be safe anyway). The drafts are obvious based on the way he was man handling the hover, but having a hoist operator seems like the minimum crew. How else would he be able to maneuver into position to pick people up on the ground? I've flown over, around, and through the Carpathian mountains myself, it's beautiful out there. But in a helicopter, I wouldn't mess around trying to be a hero if I didn't have the training, equipment, or crew to handle something like that.
ian hatch 1
Maybe his normal work involves delivering payload into tight areas?
diggerzmound 1
COmpared to the initial purchase and operating costs why wouldn't you. If you own a bird like that you can afford to outfit it however you see fit.

I would have one on mine for fishing, yeah -- fishing!
linbb -1
Can have ever what he wants that is approved for the aircraft don't see what your problem about it would be.
linbb -4
The new buzz word to get attention IS jAW DROPPING EVER WHAT YOU WANT THAT TO MNEAN.
canuck44 4
Very old British expression used as long as I can remember growing up in Western Canada. Too bad this site does not permit pictures.
John Staten 2
New? Not here in the Midwest. I've used it somewhat regularly for 50 years or so. It's a synonym for astonishing, breathtaking, holy shit, etc.


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