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Drone air traffic control system being developed in Singapore

The skies of the near future will be increasingly packed with drones, surveying, snapping photos and delivering an array of goods. A network with that many moving parts needs some structure, so Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is developing an air traffic control system for drones in Singaporean airspace, exploring ideas like geofencing, designated flight lanes and ground stations that track all airborne UAVs. NTU obviously isn't the first to tackle an idea this fundamental to the… ( 更多...

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Jim Heslop 4
Call me old fashioned, but the last thing I want is some stupid drome buzzing overhead bringing pkgs to people that are too damn lazy to go out and get it themselves. On the other hand, it would be fun to pop one out of the sky!
I ve got an idea...

Save a Duck....Shoot a Drone!
ha ha ha
save the duck n ..... !
The growth and proliferation in area of drones is alarming. Both constructively as well as destructively.
Peruse the following two recent developments

Aerodyne Nimbus 195: A racing drone so tough you can drive your car over it

And another is a Pentagon ‘ product ‘

Micro-drones can now attack like locusts

And all need careful and strict regulation.
After proving their presence felt through nuisance value in air above MSL the drones seem to be venturing to claim new territories below MSL to expand territory
" Underwater drone lets anglers lay eyes on the prize "
“ Beijing-based drone builder PowerVision Robot is no stranger to peculiar design, having previously bought us the PowerEgg, a high-flying machine shaped exactly as its name suggests. … “
Where to next?
What next?
Proliferation of drone usage is on the rise . One such example is as follows
Amazon floats the idea of drone-dropping airships
" When it comes to delivery-by-drone, one of the main limiting factors is battery life. ......Well, a recently-unearthed patent filed by Amazon addresses that issue. It proposes using airships as "airborne fulfillment centers" (AFCs) that would essentially drop cargo-carrying drones toward the buildings below. .... "
Hence regulation of drones operation deserves top priority.
Can't figure out how this will work. Where do they drop your package? front lawn? backyard? roof? What happens if the thing runs out of juice halfway down. Shipping still free on orders over $20.? This way of delivering packages would be a feast for thiefs - just follow the drone!
Stan Wright 0
In Oz we have seven year old children receiving drones as presents. Surely there must be an age limit, we all know what children are like at out performing their mates. Being a PPL, I don't wish to be sharing airspace with drones flown by children.
spam returner 1
7 yr old kids are flying toy quadcopters that go a max of 70 metres and have a battery life of 10 minutes max.
Let the kids enjoy themselves away from their computers outdoors.
Such toys with limited capabilities must definitely be encouraged .
Infact all high tech gadgets must have "toy" versions to enable the younger generation to stay current.


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