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Electronic Devices & Aircrafts!!!

I hope you like this video as much as I did!!! Cheers!!! ( 更多...

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Otniel Ocampo 1
I appreciate pointing out the mistake that I made with the post! It was my first squawk and I had no idea that it could not be viewed by all! No wonder the result I got! Well as you well stated I need to lighten up jumped to conclusions without knowing all the facts!!! Thanks!!!
Otniel Ocampo -1
Well I guess I will not do any more squawking!!! Find it distasteful the level of rejection to the video! I guess this portal is only design to keep relevant information so all the so call "foremost authorities" can gather the info and save the world! My god!!! Lighten up people, we only live once!!!!
joel wiley 3
As I do not have a facebook account, I was unable to see what you had posted and abstained from voting. If you feel rejected because of the downvotes, I suggest you chalk it up to experience, lighten up on your sensitivity and thicken your skin. Better luck next time.


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