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Swiss International Air Lines converting CSeries orders to larger CS300

Swiss International Air Lines, the launch customer for Bombardier’s CSeries jets, has announced an upgrade to its remaining orders. In a news conference on Thursday, the company announced that it will convert its final five CS100 orders to the larger CS300 jets. Swiss currently operates a fleet of six CS100 aircraft after its most recent delivery from Bombardier this month. ( 更多...

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Claude B. 1
This is a superb news!

La compagnie lettone airBaltic est pleinement satisfaite du Bombardier CS300 qui « dépasse ses attentes » , selon le directeur des opérations.
Claude B. 1
”airBaltic CS300 logs 1000 hours"
By Iuliia Tore - Mar 16, 2017
Yes it will be nice CS500 Bombardier L'est Go
CS500 would be nice


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