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PROBE ORDERED - Near-collision after Jet flight aborts landing

New Delhi:Panic After Another Plane Cleared For Takeoff An aircraft coming in too fast to land at IGI Airport recently caused a major scare when it had to do a go-around -abort landing and take off again -at the last minute... ..... .... It is learnt that when the Jet flight was passing at 2,800 feet, the other plane was passing 2,400-feet altitude and, at that point, the two were 400 feet apart vertically and just over half a km apart laterally . ( 更多...

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Distance from landing strip - 4.5 N. miles, speed 360 knots against required speed of 160 knots, the PiC declares and assures (ATC) to land safely. ATC permits. But had to do a go-around !
Was it a case of FUI flying under influence (of illusions) ?
And on whose part ?
The PiC or the ATC ?
linbb 1
Second class airline with second class pilots, ATC second class just like the EU and private. Should have caught the high speed and relayed it giving the PIC a go around.
Other AC should have been advised also. Happens too often around the world.


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