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Swiss Says Goodbye to the Avro “Jumbolino”

Swiss International Airlines has retired its last Avro RJ100 regional jet. To mark the occasion, the airline flew the 15-year veteran aircraft on a special final flight between Geneva and Zurich. ( More...

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canuck44 9
I would not be surprised to see the retired BAE 146/Avro 100's end up in Africa where they will be suited for short rudimentary runways. They can be fitted with a gravel kit as they are only "young" by aircraft standards 15-20 years old.
Colin Seftel 1
They are being replaced in Africa also. See
Kevin Haiduk 5
I've always liked the look of that aircraft. I used to fly on them on a short hop between ORD and MKE in the early 2000's. United Express.
matt jensen 3
Good short field jets. Used to fly them CYYC-CYXC weekly runs
My wife and I flew on A Qantas Avro from Perth OZ to Darwin with a turnaround in Alice Springs. With the high wing the view was wonderful. The aircrt is quiet anf lifts off with quickly. I once overheard a pilot when he saw one say that it looks like a miniature Starlifter. A nice trip for us.
Tom Bruce 1
isn't there a burst of noise when flaps retracted? maybe on the earlier first versions? or confusing with something else?
as I remember, the retraction of the landing gear resulted in a rather loud noise, and the flight attendant mentioned this in the pre-flight address. Frequently flew Rockhampton - Brisbane, with either Ansett or Trans Australia.
Tom Bruce 1
thanks Jimmy... I flown them often - PSA - in California and liked to watch reactions from those not familiar with the "screech"
Leon Kay 4
We currently have 12 BAE Avro RJ85 aircraft in service in South Africa. They are operated by SA Airlink that fly to neighbouring countries and Madagascar.
Colin Seftel 1
Not for much longer, see my post above.
Tom Bruce 3
some being used for fire fighting... remember when PSA and AirCal introduced them on west coast... think they used them out of SNA because they complied with noise abatement requirements?
rwtimmons 1
Back in the AVRO days...
I wonder who's left operating the Avro - I need to fly one ...
Steve Whelan 2
There are a few dropping slurry in the US
canuck44 2
Easiest is to fly out of LCY. A couple of airlines are still flying them and they tend service there because of their certification and good loads. Most are being replaced.
Iain Maciver 1
I'm with you Scott. This plane has always fascinated me to an obsession. But to find one in NA is tough. If you find one book two tickets....
Tom Bruce 1
think Oregon and 2 at Minden NV
David Layte 1
Flew on them a couple of times when Air Canada operated them.
Marianne Does 1
Bye, bye, good old Jumbolino and yes: what a beautiful and emotional flight! All those years hard work with the most precious sight of Switserland. You have earned your rest now with the beauty of a waterfall after the last flight, how I love such gestures for a good old friend
matt jensen 1
Adios. Until we meet again


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