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`Indefinite wait' for delay in take off

New Delhi:Aircraft Not Adhering To Timings To Get Airbound Only When Slot's Free: DGCA Airlines not preparing their aircraft by completing boarding to take off on time now risk getting such flights delayed indefinitely .Aviation regulator DGCA has told airports that if a flight crew does not initiate push back to begin taxiing to the runway within five minutes of air traffic control allowing them to do so, then such a flight should be allowed to take off only when some slot is free. ( 更多...

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I need orientation aviation wise !
Management rules related to Q system are simple, U miss your turn, U get back to the tail, simple principle of of waiting list / line.
Is it different in Aviation ?
Or is it "different" in Indian context ?
And hence needing SPECIAL and DETAILED strictures ?
Highflyer1950 1
In Mumbai, huge mix of domestic and international ops and two separate terminals and generally only one taxiway to get to the runway used the most. Terminal ramps area are very congested and when the incoming flight has no gate to go to because it is already occupied by the tardy departing plane. Add in the fact that the yearly smog disrupts early morning departures and you have now shown the limit of a one runway operation.


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